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Why is the Plug-In Profit Site System the Top Home Based Business?

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Posted 19th September 2010 at 01:20 AM by joeltmartin

Anyone who has ever looked for home business opportunities has no doubt stumbled across the Plug-In Profit Site, fondly known as PIPS for those involved. But what is this business and why are so many people joining?
First of all, PIPS has been around for nearly ten years, and has attracted thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. PIPS is literally on every continent in the world and, for those who are dedicated to it, is making good money for them all.
But what, exactly, is Plug-In Profit Site and why is it so popular?
PIPS was developed by renowned marketing expert Stone Evans, also known as the Home Biz Guy, who took a simple idea and then created a business around it that required individual marketers to make it work.
Plug-In Profit Site is a network marketing company that takes several top affiliate programs and products and combines them into a powerhouse business that has the potential to generate thousands of dollars per month.
Those who join PIPS get a free website listing business ideas and opportunities, including affiliate programs. Everyone who signs up instantly becomes part of a team and has access to a community of entrepreneurs all willing to help. Training resources, some geared for newbies, is also included with the business.
Not everyone who joins PIPS gets rich. That’s because PIPS isn’t a get-rich scheme, it’s a business built by hard-working individuals who are dedicated to creating long-term success. As in any business, time and dedication are needed for it to succeed.
One problem with PIPS is that many of those who sign up simply don’t give the business enough time to build—and quit. If you don’t treat it like a real business, requiring time and investment, it will not succeed.
While many people are content to make a few extra bucks a month, others have created a full-time wage with PIPS and have learned to expand into other areas of Internet marketing thanks to the foundation PIPS gave them.
Like any network marketing company, those who join earn commissions both on sales of products, as well as sales produced by recruits. The difference is that PIPS allows entrepreneurs to make commissions on as many as six products at once, all creating residual income, which builds over time.
One of its affiliates, for example, is Global Domains International, which sells those .ws domain names. Every time you see a website that ends with .ws, someone made a commission. Other affiliates include SFI, Empowerism, My World Plus, Traffic Swarm, and Host Gator. Each affiliate generates commissions for the business owner.
PIPS allows new owners to become part of an advertising co-op, which generates traffic to your site. PIPS touts itself as a “business-in-a-box,” which is a pretty accurate description. It’s a good way for someone with no Internet marketing experience to learn the ropes.
Plug-In Profit Site is the top choice for home business owners for a reason: it works.
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