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17 Keys to Crack the Code on Fear, Procrastination and Poverty Mindset Before It's Too Late

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Posted 8th May 2015 at 04:27 PM by John Di Lemme
Updated 8th May 2015 at 04:29 PM by John Di Lemme (off center)

Key #1 - Faith Building- Are you consistently building your faith and belief in yourself? If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will have a reason to. You build your faith every day by affirming yourself and your ability to achieve success, immersing yourself in positive teachings, and associating with champions that empower you. Commit to building your faith daily!

Key #2 - Organization- When you are organized, your mind is free of clutter and chaos. You are able to get laser-focused on the achievement of your goals and dreams. When you get organized, you are always moving forward and never looking back.

Key #3 - Eliminate Distractions- You must commit to eliminate the things, people, habits, etc. in your life that are constantly distracting you. If not, you are allowing these distractions to control your level of success and ultimately your destiny. Distractions are deadly to your dream! Ask yourself this question now, "What is distracting me?" Whatever the answer is...get rid of it!

Key #4 - Consistently Building Your Belief Structure- This ties into building your faith, but focuses more on building your internal belief. The #1 way to build your belief structure consistently every day is to read your Why Card for the first seven minutes of your day. I call it the Why rollover. Your Why Card basically outlines your ultimate purpose in life and what you are willing to do to achieve it. Email for a FREE Sample Why Card.

Key #5 - Be Ready- When the call comes in that could change your life, will you be ready? Will you be ready to take your life to the next level? Your breakthrough is right around the corner, but you must be constantly preparing yourself and your business to handle the momentum when it comes to fruition. Will YOU be ready?

Key #6 - Faith Foundation- Imagine the foundation of a house and how it holds up the entire structure. If there's one little crack, then the entire house could crumble. Similarly, your faith foundation holds up your entire life and your ability to achieve the success that you desire. Don't allow any cracks in your faith foundation!

Key #7 - Pressure- What happens when you are pressured by everyday things in life? Do you crack under pressure? Or do you allow the pressure to refine you and make you stronger? Adversity in life is inevitable and the extreme pressure that it causes can be overwhelming. However, you can make the decision to allow pressure to refine you and shape you into the person that you want to be.

Key #8 - Live Excuse Free- When you live excuse free, your life will change forever. Why? Because you will no longer allow excuses to stop you from taking action that will catapult your level of success in every area of your life. You have the absolute right to live the Champion life! No more excuses!

Key #9 - Total Immersion- In order to build a strong foundation and stand firm against the enemy, you must be totally immersed in the Champion life. You can't dabble in laziness and procrastination and expect to achieve your goals and dreams. You must be totally immersed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in forward moving daily action steps that will ultimately lead you to the achievement of your Why in life.

Key #10 - Release Your Past- Stop allowing your past to dictate your future! If you are constantly looking in the rear view mirror, then you will eventually crash. It's time to burn the bridge to your past. Commit to forward moving actions and stay focused on your future!

Key #11 - Self-Belief Zone- You must create a safe zone around yourself and refuse to allow any negativity in. Imagine being in a bubble where there's no negativity or lack of self-belief. This is your fired up and focused zone! You believe in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals and dreams. Create this self-belief zone for yourself and change your life forever!

Key #12 - Faithful Enthusiasm- Are you enthusiastic about your future? Does your excitement about your goals and dreams pour out of you? It should! Commit to being faithfully enthusiast about your life. Enthusiasm is a rare trait for a failure. Don't let that be you!

Key #13 - Predictable Schedule- Without a structured schedule, you will live in constant chaos and nothing will ever be accomplished. You should be so scheduled that your daily actions are predictable by those around you. Of course, there's room for flexibility when necessary. However, commit to sticking to your schedule so that you are constantly moving forward and never looking back.

Key #14 - Confidence- Are you confident in your ability to achieve your goals and dreams? If not, then there's no way that you will ever achieve them. It's time that you believe that you are worthy of success! Stand on your confidence and believe that you have the ability to do anything in life that you desire.

Key #15 - Prepared and Dedicated- You must prepare yourself daily for the ultimate achievement of your goals and dreams. You are always moving a little closer to that achievement. You remain dedicated no matter how hard it is, because you can see your ultimate destination...and it's absolutely glorious!

Key #16 - Never Quit- That's right. Never ever quit! Sadly, most people quit when their breakthrough is right around the corner. It's hovering right around the corner, but they can't see it so they quit. Champion, your breakthrough is right around the corner. It's coming! Hold on! Don't quit!

Key #17 - Patience and Persistence- The road to success has a lot of bumps - adversity, obstacles, and even failure. You must remain patient and persistent no matter how difficult it gets. The price for success is high, but it's worth it. Keep forging forward and don't allow those bumps to stop you!

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