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11 Success Tips to Catapult Your Life & Business to the Billionaire Level - John Di Lemme

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Posted 1st October 2017 at 01:50 PM by John Di Lemme
Updated 1st October 2017 at 01:51 PM by John Di Lemme (Small Update)

11 Billionaire Success Tips that are Guaranteed to Catapult Your Life and Business to the Billionaire Level

Billionaire Success Tip #1: If you are serious about achieving the Billionaire level, then you must make the DECISION to think different, speak different, act different, and associate with different people. It all starts with a decision. Decision + Action = Results! Being different or abnormal (above normal) is the trait of a highly successful Champion that refuses to settle for mediocrity in their life and business.

Billionaire Success Tip #2: When you make the decision to achieve the Billionaire level and you start making “different” decisions to achieve this level of success in your life and business, the naysayers will question your decisions. They will also offer their unsolicited opinion about your decisions. Don’t allow their insecurities to stop you from achieving your goals and dreams! Stay in control of your destiny and laser-focused on the achievement of your Billion Dollar level.

Billionaire Success Tip #3: A miracle is the result of taking consistent, daily action toward the achievement of your Billionaire level. Your commitment must be unwavering in order to withstand the adversity that you will encounter on your success journey. Ask yourself, “Am I willing to pay the price for success?” Your Billionaire level is waiting on you…are you committed to relentlessly pursuing it? Don’t stop until you achieve it!

Billionaire Success Tip #4: Are you a wisher or an action taker? Unfortunately, most people limit their ability to achieve the Billionaire level by being a “wisher.” They settle for just wishing and dreaming about their Billionaire level, but do nothing to achieve it. This is the opposite of action takers! Action takers take decisive, forward-moving, daily action toward the achievement of their Billionaire level. They understand that taking action is a necessary step in the success process. Believe the impossible is possible for you! Take action on your Billionaire level! Don’t just sitting around wishing that it would happen…it won’t!

Billionaire Success Tip #5: Billionaires make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. Ask yourself, “What have I done so far in 2017 to change lives?” If you truly want to achieve the Billionaire level and change lives, then you must make the decision to change your life first. You can’t stay stuck in your comfort zone and keep settling for mediocrity. To achieve your Billionaire level, you must step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself to change. The real question is…are you up for the challenge?

Billionaire Success Tip #6: Toxic people will hinder your ability to achieve your Billionaire level. You can’t simply ignore their negativity…you must get away from it! Don’t allow the naysayers to poison your success journey. Commit to associate yourself with Champions that empower you and believe that the impossible is possible for you! Make the decision today to delete people out of your life that hinder your ability to achieve your Billionaire level in your life and business.

Billionaire Success Tip #7: Say this out loud “Every day, I’m getting younger, smarter, and stronger.” The Billionaire level is so much more than just making money. Being financially free means very little if you are miserable. More importantly, without your health, you are broke. In order to reach your Billionaire level, you must release strongholds in every area of your life. Develop your mind daily with positive self-development! Eat healthy food and exercise! Associate with positive, like-minded, success driven Champions! Now, say this out loud again…”Every day, I’m getting younger, smarter, and stronger to achieve my Billionaire level!”

Billionaire Success Tip #8: The secret behind achieving the Billionaire level in your business is Customer Service and Satisfaction. Your customers are the heartbeat of your business and building long-term, trusting relationships with them is key to your success. Your total revenue is a result of your customer service and satisfaction. If you aren’t generating HUGE revenue in your business, then take a good look at how you treat your customers. People won’t buy your product or service if you don’t appreciate them. Let your customers know that you value your relationship with them and commit to exceeding their expectations with your product or service. If you don’t, then someone else will!

Billionaire Success Tip #9:Become a disrupter in your industry! Amazon is obviously massively successful. However, it wasn’t an overnight success. Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994 and initially setup the company in his garage. He stepped out in faith by leaving a lucrative job to pursue his own dreams. Bezos stayed laser-focused despite the obstacles that he faced. Fast forward to today…the foundation of his business is rock-solid and unshakable. More importantly, Jeff Bezos completely disrupted the eCommerce space by providing extreme customer service and staying relentlessly focused on customer satisfaction. Are you a disrupter in your industry? Being a disrupter means that you are not only committed to building a successful business, but also have an understanding that you are nothing without your customers.

Billionaire Success Tip #10:Price is irrelevant when you are a specialist. Specialist is defined as an expert or authority in a specific area . Do your customers see you as a “specialist” in your industry or niche? If not, then they likely don’t understand what you do or how your product or service can in some way change their lives. You must educate your customers and provide extraordinary customer service experiences that prove to them that you are a specialist and they can count on you. When your customers see you as a specialist, your value will automatically exceed price, and you will NEVER be forced to lower your prices. Your customers won’t question your prices when they are confident that you are the best at what you do, and the product or service that you provide is exceptional.

Billionaire Success Tip #11:It takes courage to want more out of life! The #1 obstacle to reaching your Billionaire level is fear. Fear of the unknown…fear of your ability to achieve success…fear of what others will say…fear of failure…and on and on and on. Courage is taking a risk based only on the belief in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, then no one will especially your customers! Don’t allow fear to control your destiny! Your Billionaire level is possible, but you must have the courage to go after it and sometimes even fight for it.

These Billionaire Success tips are guaranteed to assist you with achieving your Billionaire level IF you are truly committed to your goals and dreams. Now ask yourself, “Am I committed to achieving my Billionaire level no matter the adversity that I face?” The impossible is possible for YOU, but you must believe it in order to achieve it!

John Di Lemme

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