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How To Create A Sales Funnel Website

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Posted 12th July 2015 at 06:46 PM by johnjarvis

How To Create A Sales Funnel Website

Well Warriors, (fellow Warriors that is), although it's been like, I'm guessing about 6 weeks, since I wrote my last post here which was about the easiest way to add content to a website, this doesn't mean that "John has left the building", it just means that adding content to a website is something that doesn't even need to be worried about, until a proper sales funnel is created, and that happens to be what my latest blog post and video training series is about. (I just finished it up this morning after working for a full week on this topic)!

That topic, and the name of the video and the title of the blog post is/was how to create a sales funnel website.

I'm talking about a fairly "in depth" tutorial that's just under 10 minutes long, and although "How To Create A Sales Funnel Website" sounds strange to some people, this tutorial could have also had a few other titles.

Like for instance:
  • How To Create A Sales Funnel On Your Homepage
  • How To Create A Sales Funnel In WordPress
  • What Goes On The Homepage Of A Website
  • Website Homepage Design
  • Making Money Online
  • E Business Masterclass Video Tutorials

Any or all of the above titles would have worked just fine for the video training series, but since my long time internet marketing friends call me "The Traffic Guy", there isn't much that I do until I check what the Google Adwords Keyword Planner says I should use for the title of what I'm doing, at any particular point in time.

Oh, yes. Search engine optimization still works, and it is still way past cool.

Unfortunately the search engine optimization "experts", (and I use this term very loosely), that have been ripping Google off for years, and whom are still ripping you off, are still selling their garbage to unsuspecting internet marketing "wannabes", and learning how to use SEO to get people coming to your website for free is a bit more complex than it used to be!

More On How To Create A Sales Funnel Website

But enough about the scumbags, the dirtbags, and the people that sell Google "hacks & tricks", (stop buying from these idiots by the way), let's chat for a minute about how to setup an amazing sales funnel on the homepage of your website!

Oh, did you not know that if your homepage wasn't setup as the starting point of a perfect sales funnel, that you're taking money out of your pocket and just chucking it out the window? Bummer!

What did you think was supposed to be on your homepage? Did you think that people came to your home page to learn about you?

Hahahahaha and laugh out freackin' loud!

Think again, because 1st time website visitors don't give a damn about who you are, or about who I am. All they care about is how our websites can help them! Your "About" page is where that information needs to be, not on your home page!

Anyway the video post that I put together this week was going to be for my private coaching clients only, but it's been about 2 weeks since I sent any good tutorials out to my list, so I decided to make this one public.

So if you'd like to learn in depth about how to create a sales funnel website, or about how to create a sales funnel on your homepage, or about how to create a sales funnel in WordPress, or about what goes on the homepage of your website, or about website homepage design, or ... or ... or..., (after all the E Business Masterclass website is a "masterclass" website), just click on the image below and you'll be taken there from here. (Yes, you can get there from here).


By John Jarvis
E Business Masterclass

Click The Image Below To Learn About How To Create A Sales Funnel Website

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