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Pixal Review Plus BEST Pixal BONUS + Discount- Create Stunning, Interactive HTML5 Banners & Graphics

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Posted 9th June 2016 at 05:39 AM by Johnnleo
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Create State-Of-The-Art, Interactive HTML5 Banners, Graphics And CTAs, Without Relying on Overpriced Designers And Restrictive Monthly Subscriptions &
Generate Up to 300% More Clicks, Even If You’ve ZERO Design Experience And Have Never Used A Banner Ad Before.....

Pixal Overview:

Creators: Paul Okeeffe, Chris Jenkins & Richard Fairbairn
Date Of Launch: 2016-06-07
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Niche: General
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Official site:
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6412 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of Pixal?

Paul Okeeffe, Chris Jenkins and Richard Fairbairn are well known names in the field of online marketing who have created a lot of successful software and training courses such as Cliks It Agency, Kickstart Survey, LeadIn Pro and others.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Pixal?

When you’re in the business of driving traffic, getting clicks, and making sales it pays to stay ahead of the curve
and that means a lot of testing… and a lot of dead ends.

Richard Fairbairn the creator of Pixal has seen link farms and article directories come and go… He has used SEO, CPA and media buys, (and more than his fair share of insider tactics) to drive traffic for countless products, brands, and services.

All-up, He has driven over 100 million views. And he has pulled in millions of clicks which have created millions of dollars in ad revenue.

And in all that time, if you’d asked Richard what had got him more clicks than ANYTHING else…

He would have told you:

It was putting banner ads on his websites, back when they first hit the scene.

The problem is:

Today there are so many banners people have stopped seeing them all together.

Banner Blindness wiped them out....

But Just LOOK At How This NEW BREED ?Of Banners Are Striking Back:

=> Old Fashioned Static Banners <=

=> New HTLM5 Banners <=

Just try and ignore them. You can’t. It’s like they JUMP OUT OF THE PAGE to interact with you!

WHY Do These New Banners Work So Well?

The very first banners sent shockwaves through our industry. Why?

Because they stood out like an honest man in congress. And they made early adopters millions of dollars.

But compared to today’s high standards, they look like a beat up old Lincoln in a Ferrari showroom… They’re not fooling ANYONE.

And when you compare the results we’re seeing with these new banners, there’s simply no contest, and here’s why:
  • They’re an entirely new type of banner.
  • They use the latest HTML5 web technology to INTERACT with visitors, so people can’t help but click them.
  • Even people who “hate” banners are interacting with them because they can be personalised for specific people in specific locations.
  • Animated, interactive banners obliterate banner blindness, and wake up sleepy traffic.
  • PLUS - it’s not just the banners that burst into life… HTML5 reanimates lackluster websites… (it’s like having a Voodoo witchdoctor for your blog!) And that’s not even the best bit….
The best bit is…You Get VISIBLE RESULTS Instantly:

If you’re already coasting along with static banners, it’s time to call for a celebration Because the MOMENT you flip over to HTML5 banners your click count is going to hit 9.5 on the Richter scale!

It happens that fast. And I’ll tell you why:

Forget about the 200% increase is clicks that Richard has seen…

When your banners are clawing their way out of the screen, demanding attention…

How many more people do YOU think are likely to click?
100%, 200%, 500% more clicks? It could be any of these! And I’d wager you’ll be grinning so hard your cheeks hurt.

Just like those early adopters who took a punt on static banners and enjoyed stunning overnight success…
These NEW BREED Banners could do the same for you and your business.

This is where it gets tricky:
  • Hiring a HTML5 designer is a racket. You can either pay some hotshot designer $200 for a single design… or risk your luck and head downtown for a $50 score… either way, you’ll likely have to wait a week to get your designs back.
  • You can line the pockets of the real racketeers and stump up a monthly fee for one of the banner creation services cornering the market.
And it gets worse:

Richard thought there’d be a cheaper option for sure. But it turns out those services are expensive for a reason…

There’s design costs, server costs, staff costs, dev costs…

Needless to say, he didn’t realize that until it was too late…and he had already started to build his own platform.

And the platform grew WAY bigger than anyone expected. It eventually grew to the point where other people could use it too. So he thought, why not make that a reality…

Here comes Pixal…

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