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Toonvidio OTO + Amazing Toonvidio Bonus - Create Unlimited Hollywood-Style 3D Animated Videos

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Posted 22nd June 2016 at 06:53 AM by Johnnleo

Toonvidio OTO Plus Amazing Toonvidio Bonus Plus Toonvidio Discount

Toonvidio OTO'S (Upsells)

OTO#1: ToonVidio EXTENDED:
Onetime Payment Of $67

Grow Your Traffic and Sales 3X Faster Using A Magnetic Triad of Premium Superpowers... ... And Watch As Sales At EVERY LEVEL Of Your Funnel Soar!

Perfect For Businesses Looking To Accelerate Their Growth Over The Next 6 to 12 Months With Regular Injections Of More Traffic From The Videos You Create With Toonvidio:

Do you have a sales funnel that's ready for MORE TRAFFIC?

Then you'll want to pay close attention to this:

Because while the creators have locked off "premium features" to keep ToonVidio affordable for our average users, who only want to make a few videos here and there.... ToonVidio EXTENDED comes with a suite of magnetic 3D Traffic Attraction Tools that are perfect for anyone who's ready to start pumping more qualified leads into their sales funnels.

And completely dominate your niche with 3D video marketing, both now and in the future!

A Powerful Suite Of 3D Traffic Attraction Tools Designed to pump more traffic into ALL levels of your business, with MORE OF EVERYTHING:
  • New buyers
  • Repeat buyers
  • New subscribers
  • Qualified leads in your sales funnels
  • Social Shares
  • Visitors on key sales page
  • Email click-throughs
  • Eyeballs on your videos
  • And that's just the beginning!
[+] 3D Video Traffic Tool #1: 3D Video Email Mixer:
  • Watch Sales and Click-through Rates From Your Email Campaigns Skyrocket When You Try THIS Simple Trick...(Tested & Proven - Use It For Your Biggest Launches FIRST!).
  • Create 3D animated video teasers that look like a REAL VIDEO PREVIEW that's auto playing!
  • Easily insert these 3D animated video teasers in your emails to:
=> Attract INSTANT reader attention with 3D animation.

=> Grab eyeballs with MOVEMENT in the reader's inbox.

=> And compel them to TAKE ACTION with an irresistible video "PLAY" button

The creators know from personal experience...

... This single email marketing strategy can be worth TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars in additional profits on a single email marketing campaign!

Because when subscribers see the simulated video image with the "play" button, they are compelled to click to watch it!

And when they click you can:
  • 1. Send them to your website, where the real 3D video auto plays...
  • 2. And controls your buyer's movements through your sales process (by moving them out of their email inbox, away from distractions, and onto your website)!
It's a VERY powerful email marketing strategy right now...And not many people are doing it yet, because until ToonVidio came along, it has been far too difficult for the average non-technical business owner to figure out.

But with your upgrade to ToonVidio EXTENDED today, it'll be point & click easy for you to create these 3D animated video teasers in minutes!

And drive even MORE traffic into your sales funnels....

3D Video Traffic Tool #2: Push Button"3D Viral Video Memes":

Watch Your Website Traffic JUMP Overnight... As You Effortlessly Funnel Traffic Off Busy SOCIAL Media
Websites Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, AND MORE!

Want to really stand our in the social media feeds...Like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more?

... Where video is already in high demand?

Combine the attention - getting look of 3D animation with a compelling "call to action" using ToonVidio's

3D Animated Video Mixer for Social Media Or even better, the Social Media "3D Viral Video Meme Maker".

Use both of these to promote your 2D/3D videos in social media feeds...

And when viewers click on your images because they're excited to watch your video... BOOM... they are moved off Facebook, for example, to your website or wherever you want them to watch your 3D video!

Again - once you've persuaded them to CLICK, you can begin taking control of the sales process!

Funneling them away from the distractions of social media...And over to your website!

3D Video Traffic Tool #3: One-Click Video Import:

Give Any Pre-Existing Video A 3D Facelift! Even Add 3D Characters & Objects To Your Live Action Videos... For A Big WOW Factor!

With ToonVidio EXTENDED, you'll have access to video import tools.

Which make it easy to give any of your pre-existing videos a 3D facelift - a fresh look that'll draw attention and boost traffic. Perfect for anyone already doing some video marketing!

But that's not all!

ToonVidio EXTENDED comes with an EXPANDED SUITE OF FEATURES that also allow you to:

[+] Connect sounds to objects and movements:
  • Add an entirely new level of realism to your videos by easily connecting sounds to movements and objects. Like a door slamming. Footsteps. Or the clatter of a dropped object!
[+] Add movement and create focus with "Dynamic Zoom":
  • An exciting premium feature that allows you to smoothly change camera angles, zooming in and out as your scene progresses.
[+] Character gesture swap... with "Keyframe Recording":
  • Allows you to seamlessly transition characters through a series of gestures and emotions!
[+] Import and use your own 3D elements:
  • Do you have existing 3D animation you'd like to import? Need the flexibility to have custom 3D characters, logos, or graphics created, specific to your business and pre-existing marketing? No problem. With 3D Element Import you can quickly import any 3D animation you need.And make videos that not only look professional...But are also fun to watch (So your videos KEEP ATTENTION and DRIVE SALES!).
OTO#2: Toonvidio Unlimited Club:

You can choose from 2 plans the plan that suits you:

[+] ToonVidio Unlimited Club Yearly Plan:$197/Year

[+] Toonvidio Unlimited Club Lifetime Plan: Onetime Payment Of $497

Planning on going BIG with ToonVidio? Then let the creators give you unlimited access to everything:
  • Get Instant Access To Our Growing Collection of 1,000+ Premium 2D & 3D Animations, Including Characters… Objects… Backgrounds… And Themes… With More Added To Your Account EVERY SINGLE WEEK! Plus—Unlimited “Human Metrics” Surveys. And So Much More:
  • Never Again Pay A Contractor $100 to $300+ EACH For Custom Character And Animation Design.
  • Never Run Out Of FRESH, Quality 2D/3D Animations That Fit Your Storyline and Business Objectives.
  • Get INSTANT ACCESS To Everything Today. Plus—Get Everything New We Add, Every Single Week—FREE.
  • Run or Sell As Many “Human Metrics” Surveys As You Like—And You’ll NEVER PAY The $47/Survey Fee.
  • Plus, Get Everything You Need To Add NEW 3D Income Streams.
What If You're Planning To CRUSH IT With 3D Video Marketing Over The Next 12-24 Months?
Or You Want To Add NEW Income Streams To Your Business?

Like Mayebe You're:
  • Planning to publish 2-3 new videos EVERY MONTH? Or more?
  • Creating video for MULTIPLE websites and/or social media profiles?
  • Running an agency—and planning to sell these 2D & 3D animated videos to clients for profit?
  • Interested in creating info products for sale?
  • Eager to expand your business into — Foreign Markets?
  • In need of UNLIMITED access to the "Human Metrics" surveys?
With this limited-time offer for ToonVidio UNLIMITED, you Pay one price, and get EVERYTHING.

Feature Expansion #1: NO-LIMITS ACCESS To The Huge Inventory of 1,000+ Premium 2D & 3D Characters, Sets, Stages, Objects, Backgrounds, Themes + More - All Created For ToonVidio Including: Expansion Pack of Actions, Gestures + Emotions (A $999 Value... INCLUDED!):

In other editions of ToonVidio, if you want to access Premium 2D & 3D animations, you must purchase them à la carte in our Marketplace at between $10 and $30 per asset.

(Still a BARGAIN when you consider that we have personally invested over $145,872 hiring some of the best 2D and 3D animators from around the globe to create these high-quality animations for you…

Or, when you consider that you’ll pay $80 to $300+ per hour to hire 3D animators via Upwork to do custom animation work for you!)

However, with ToonVidio Unlimited, the entire Marketplace is unlocked. And you pay nothing more!

Use any of the completely original 2D/3D animations, without restriction.

So you’ll never be stuck.

Because you’ll always be able to find a character, animation, gesture, object, stage, or theme that flows with your story. (And you’ll never be forced to hire a freelance designer for $80+ per hour.)

Plus, be amazed when you start playing with the Expansion Pack of character actions, gestures, and more complex emotions:
  • Biting nails in fear
  • Blowing a kiss
  • Bored
  • Light bulb over head
  • Celebrating
  • Clapping
  • Confused
  • Crazy
  • Deep in thought
  • Driving
  • Drunk walking
  • Dying
  • Flying like superman
  • Holding a money bag
  • Jumping with joy
  • Listening to music
  • Looking through a magnifying glass
  • Pointing
  • Praying
  • Presenting
  • Punching
  • Relaxing with coffee
  • Shouting with megaphone
  • Shrugging
  • Singing
  • Smoking
  • Sneaking
  • Suffering
  • Talking on phone
  • Trapped in ice
  • Using smartphone
With more being added... EVERY SINGLE WEEK!
IMPORTANT NOTE... You should know that this Expansion Pack NOT ONLY gives you an extended range of actions and emotions for NEW premium 3D characters...

But it ALSO unlocks new and hidden actions, gestures, and emotions for the original suite of ToonVidio characters, too!

Feature Expansion #2: Test UNLIMITED Videos With The "Human Metrics" Survey Technology, To Predict ROI Before You Launch, And Guarantee Every Video You Release Is A Proven Moneymaker (A $599 Value... INCLUDED!):

Want to make sure every marketing video you launch is a winner…

Before you waste time and money driving traffic to it?

With ToonVidio UNLIMITED, you can!

All thanks to the powerful, permission-based Emotional Recognition Survey (ERS) Technology that’s built into ToonVidio! Collect and measure human metrics like:

Smiles… Surprise… Frowns… Boredom… and Attention.

Including when your audience looks away!

And use this priceless information to slash your video advertising expenses by predicting ROI in advance… and making sure every video you release is a proven moneymaker.

In other editions of ToonVidio, we’ve included ONE FREE Emotional Recognition Survey. After that, users pay a fair $47 per survey, a fee that covers our costs of hosting the technology that makes the magic happen behind the scenes.

However, with ToonVidio UNLIMITED……

You can test unlimited videos using this “Human Metrics” technology.

And you’ll pay no additional fees, EVER!
It’s an incredible value for anyone who does a lot of video marketing.

(You can test ANY video, not just videos created with ToonVidio!)

Plus— it’s an amazing opportunity for agencies who’d like to offer these surveys as a premium service-for-sale!

Feature Expansion #3: Request 3D Characters... Custom-Made For You (Plus... Enjoy First-In-Line Priority for Private Designs) (A $299 Value... INCLUDED!):

That’s right, with ToonVidio UNLIMITED, you’ll have the opportunity to request custom-made 3D characters for your business.

At no charge!

Post any 3D animation design request to a site like Upwork, and you’ll immediately see quotes for $80 to $300 per hour – and more.

But you won’t pay a penny for these custom creations as a member of ToonVidio UNLIMITED.

Because design requests that are voted MOST POPULAR by our ToonVidio community will be given first priority, and created by our global team of professional 2D & 3D animators.

Plus… if you request private, custom design (yes, you can), as a member of ToonVidio UNLIMITED, you’ll enjoy first-in-line priority with our design team.

(A priceless perk when you’re working on a tight deadline!) Expand Your Business With NEW Income Streams!

Ideas Worth $1000s In Additional Profits!

When you unlock ToonVidio UNLIMITED, you'll have immediate access to MULTIPLE moneymaking opportunities...Each one built right into the software:

[+] Start your own 3D animation video agency:
  • And sell the videos you make with ToonVidio for $500 to $1000+ each. There are no restrictions on the videos you create! Or how much you sell them for.
[+] Expand your marketing agency:
  • with 3D video marketing services (offer 3D video salesletters... explainer videos... welcome videos... and more). Charge $500 to $5.000+ for these services, depending on the complexity, length, and storyboarding services included.
[+] Sell Emotional Recognition Surveys as a service:
  • for $97 to $250+! (A bargain when you consider how sales will increase when this information is used to improve your clients' marketing strategy.)
[+] Create info products to sell using ToonVidio - it's so easy:
  • And then offer them for sale, with online delivery, or burn it to DVD. (Even create info products and sell the resale rights for $500 to $1000+!)
[+] Expand your business into Foreign Markets:
  • like China, Japan, and India by recording your 3D videos in multiple languages.
[+] Sell 3D Facebook Memes & GIFs (for $95 to $150+ each):
  • They're easy to make with ToonVidio, yet most small business owners need done-for-you services. Stand out from the crowd with 3D Memes!
And these are just a few possibilities!

All worth $1000s in additional profits to your business this year.

You control how many income streams you add and access.

OTO#3: VooPlayer Pro:
Onetime Payment Of $197

UPGRADE NOW to the #1 Rated Video Player Software:
VooPlayer Pro, for THE BEST PRICE you'll ever see, and the creators will Give You INSTANT ACCESS To The SAME Game-Changing Video Marketing Tool That 14,000+ Businesses ALREADY Use To Attract Millions of Visitors, Leads, & Sales... Every Single Month!

(It's the VERY SAME #1-Rated video marketing tool that the creators have personally used to attract 32,583 visitors and over $12,111 in sales... in just one week!)

With VooPlayer Pro, You'll Have What You Need To Attract Up To 300% MORE Traffic, Leads, & SALES!

Use The MOST ADVANCED Suite of Video Marketing Tools You've Ever Seen To:
  • Cleverly frame and overlay your video offers with sophisticated calls to action that are PERFECTLY timed to bag the sale!
  • Easily run "Watch & Win" contests that effortlessly grab attention and drive traffic!
  • Finally, use A/B split testing for videos... That's DEAD SIMPLE! (Even works inside the Facebook newsfeed).
  • Add "TIMED BUTTONS" that appear strategically, as your video plays - Like "BUY NOW" or "SUBSCRIBE HERE"
  • Use "Smart Scheduling" that automatically streams & plays your videos at times YOU CHOOSE! (Perfect for evergreen webinars as weel as adding urgency to your offers...).
  • And So Much More!(Without paying MASSIVE FEES for video hosting, ever again!).
Using vooPlayer Pro, you will finally be 100% in control of your audience’s viewing experience.

Do you want your audience to :
  • Click to purchase?
  • Sign up for a webinar?
  • Sign up for your newsletter?
  • Call you for more info?
  • Like your Facebook page?
  • Share your video with friends?
Your options are endless…

Because thanks to the sophisticated suite of marketing tools included in vooPlayer Pro, you’ll be able to strategically guide your audience to TAKE THE NEXT STEP in your sales process.

Subscribe. Sign up. Call. Share. Buy… WHATEVER you want and finally, enjoy free video hosting without all the distractions.

Say GOODBYE To Those Nasty Monthly Video Hosting Fees:

With vooPlayer Pro, you can finally say goodbye to those nasty monthly video hosting fees…(Or, avoid them entirely!).

All by using vooPlayer Pro in combination with Dropbox to stream your videos directly from their reliable cloud server!

Since Dropbox offers a free basic plan, this means you can:
  • Say GoodBye to expensive video hosting services like wistia.
  • And stream your own videos for free or dirt cheap without the distractions.
Again, once you’ve invested in vooPlayer Pro, that’s it!

You can use the FREE basic plan or dirt-cheap unlimited plan via DropBox to stream your videos…

And save $350 to $5,000+ per year on video hosting!

All while using the most sophisticated suite of video marketing tools you’ve EVER SEEN to dramatically increase sales and results from your videos.

And if you don’t want Dropbox? YES-- you can still use YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon, Google Drive and more to host your videos.

Complete Suite of Sophisticated Video Marketing Tools, One Unified System Empowers You To Dramatically Increase The Money You Make From Every Video... By Adding Well- Timed Calls To Action That Drive Viewers To Take The Next Step:

With vooPlayer Pro, you’ll have all the tools you need to seamlessly integrate your videos into your sales funnels…With strategically placed calls to action!

Your audience will never wonder “what’s next”—because you’ll always be a step ahead, guiding them to BUY, SUBSCRIBE, CALL… or whatever you want them to do next after watching your videos!

With Vooplayer, you will get:

[+] Magically Appearing Opt-in Boxes:
  • Easily capture the email addresses of your audience with an opt-in box that appears as an overlay, any time during your video!
[+] Cleverly Timed "Calls to Action":
  • See how quickly your conversion rates increase when you add a clickable "Buy" or "Subscribe" button that appears in the video at the precise moment YOU CHOOSE!
[+] Viral "Share This Video" Gates For More Traffic:
  • Attract waves of viral traffic by making your audience SHARE your video - before they're allowed to watch it!
[+] Required "Subscribe Now" Gates for More Emails + Leads:
  • Watch how fast your email list grows when you insist that people subscribe BEFORE they can watch your video.
[+] Add Forms, Buttons, & Live Chat To Any Video:
  • Display almost ANY custom element in your video - forms, buttons, live chat, and more! (Images, buttons, HTML/CSS, Javascript, etc.)
[+] Insert "Tap to Call Me" Icons:
  • Your phone will ring off the hook when you insert this "tap to call me" icon in ANY VIDEO - triggering an instant phone call to ANY NUMBER you choose via mobile!
And that's just the start of what vooPlayer can do for you.

Because with vooPlayer Pro, you're also getting:

The Most ADVANCED Next-Generation Video Marketing Tool That Allows You To Do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING Inside Any Video Made Easy & Accessible for Small Business Owners:


=> A/B Video Split Testing Made EASY!

Finally, you’ll have the confidence to run A/B split tests of your videos… and know which one generates the most sales + leads.

Test for:
  • Play rate
  • Engagement
  • Social activity
  • Opt-ins
  • And SALES!
  • When you’re done, vooPlayer Pro shows you the WINNER!
  • vooPlayer Pro makes running these A/B tests so easy, there’s no more feeling intimidated by the logistics or behind-the-scenes tech.
You can even run these tests on Facebook…

Where you’ll score the CHEAPEST Facebook-approved ads ever!

Sending ad traffic to a video Facebook post is CHEAP—and Facebook loves it because you’re keeping the traffic ON Facebook.

=> Schedule Videos To Play At A Future Date:

Nothing rocks conversions like the urgency of a video playing LIVE.
  • With vooPlayer Pro’s Smart-Date technology, you can set up videos to play at certain dates and times on complete autopilot.
  • This is perfect for scheduling tutorials, webinar replays, sales videos, movies, documentaries and more. No other software necessary!
=> Use Viral “Watch & Win” Contests™ To Bribe Viewers To Watch Your Videos:

Tired of your viewers dropping off halfway through the video?
  • Use “Watch and win” contests to keep your viewers engaged until the very end… and then use the Viral SHARE feature to attract an extra flood of traffic.
=> Recover LOST SALES... With Video Retargeting:
  • Retarget only the people who’ve watched a certain percentage of your video but didn’t buy ...and RECOVER lost sales!
  • vooPlayer lets you drop the cookie at any point in your video.
  • Only want people who watched the first thirty seconds? All the way to the end? It’s drag-and-drop simple. And you’ll never waste money retargeting visitors who bounced after a couple of seconds.
=> "Enter Your Phone Number" Gate - For Text Message (SMS) Marketing To HOT Sales Leads:
  • Text message (SMS) marketing currently has 8X the response rate of email marketing… so if you’re not using SMS marketing yet, you are leaving money on the table!
  • With this SMS Gate feature, vooPlayer Pro allows you to require that viewers enter and verify their phone number—BEFORE they watch, or CONTINUE watching your video. Genius!
=> And- Intelligent video Playback ( with tools that ensure your audience never misses a second of your video like:

Smart PlayTM, which triggers "auto pause" if visitors scroll down the page away from your video—and then automatically RESUMES PLAY when they scroll back up!

And Intelligent PlaybackTM, which lets you control:
  • Does the video AUTOPIAY FROM THE BEGINNING every time the same visitor returns to your website?
  • Or, does it RESUME PLAYING from where the visitor left off when they last visited your website?
And even the Pulsating Play Button... that makes sure visitors notice your video on pages with a lot of content ... and instead of scanning past it, assuming it's an image ... click to watch it!

Plus, a ton more AMAZING features like:Tools That Ensure Your Audience NEVER MISSES A SECOND Of Your Video, Like:

[+] Video Heatmaps & Viewing Trends
  • Detailed graphs & reports show you which parts of your videos have been watched, skipped, and what people keep re-watching.
[+] Mass Video Import:
  • Makes it easy to IMPORT pre-existing videos without wasting time manually changing each video.
[+] Auto-Adjust Logic:
  • Place your video in sidebars or placeholders of different heights and widths - the size adjusts automatically.
[+] Player Customization Tools:
  • Change the look + feel of the video player to match your own brand.
[+] Social Sharing Buttons:
  • Viewers can share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
[+] Video Conversion Technology:
  • Your videos are automatically converted to web and mobile-ready formats!
[+] Video Security:
  • Hide your video URL - making it impossible for others to rip off, share, or download!
Instant Video Import from ToonVidio is coming soon! That's right, ToonVidio and vooPlayer work together as a team.

So every project you finish and export from ToonVidio will be automatically added to vooPlayer - with zero fuss or hassle! So you can start supercharging it right away!

It's Exactly What You Need To Publish Your Videos ANYWHERE - With One Click! Facebook, WordPress, Your Own Server, ANYWHERE!

=> Publish on Facebook:
  • Collect leads, generate traffic and sales all within Facebook newsfeed.
=> Publish on Wordpress:
  • Easily connect your vooPlayer account to any WordPress site, without any technical skills needed. Once connected, you can add videos with one-click to your posts/pages.
=> Publish ANYWHERE:
  • Simply copy and paste the video “embed code” onto any web page, and you’re done! vooPlayer Pro works with all ecommerce platforms.
And start using vooPlayer Pro’s sophisticated suite of video marketing tools to carefully guide and control your audience’s movements through EVERY STEP of your sales funnel…

With carefully timed calls-to-action that ultimately increase your overall leads captured, sales and PROFITS!

More than 14,000 loyal business owners like you are ALREADY using vooPlayer Pro to serve video content to their tribes!

And the creators have personally used it to attract over 32,583 visitors + $12,111 in sales… in a single week!

OTO#4: Video Script Genius: Onetime Payment Of $47

Create High-Converting Video Scripts In Minutes With These Exclusive Templates Responsible for Millions Of Dollars In Sales.

Video Script Genius means you'll never waste time wondering what to write again. These 20 templates have been tried and tested over years of video marketing to not just make script writing simple...but make sure you KNOW they'll convert.

=> PDF Templates:
  • The full video structure laid out in an easy-to-follow PDF for quick, easy reference.
=> MindMaps:
  • Explore each structure point-by-point and annotate with your own notes and ideas.
=> Training:
  • Every template comes with video training talking you through the whole thing, so you'll never wonder how to fill any part in. It's all explained in plain english.

Here's Exactaly What You Will Get With Video Script Genius:

Template #1: Video Sales Letter:

  • Tried,tested and proven over more than 16 Launches, this template has been used to generate millions of dollars online. Use it for yourself, use it for your clients, and get great conversions with none of the effort.
Template #2: Local Biz Web Commercial:
  • Business want to advertise online, and they Love having commercial for their websites and YouTube. This template will let you produce one or a series, simply.
Template #3: Customer Testimonial Video:
  • Leverage the power of social proof in your video marketing by creating compelling testimonial. compilation videos'. Social proof has always paged in a ton of sates, and this template Lets you maximise the effect.
Template #4: Animated Explainer Video:
  • Use this template to create short, fun, animated videos that explain your product or service in 60 seconds or less.
Template #5: 3 Day Launch Video Series:
  • 3 templates in 1! Create a 3-day crush series to make your product or service Launch with a bang.
Template #6: Offline Video Proposal:
  • Want to sell services offline? This template lets you shoot personalised videos to get your foot in the door with all the best business owners... and your future clients.
Template #7: Squeeze Page Video:
  • Build your e-mail it fast with this high-converting template. It's been used across a huge variety of niches and seen great results almost every time.
Template #8: Teach-And-Sell Sales Video:
  • The template that Lets you sell without selling. Show your prospect how to salve a problem and make them see your product or service as the next Logical step. Not only will they sign up in droves... they'll think it was their idea.
Template #9: Local business lour Video:
  • Promote a Local business Dy showing customers around- it's a simple human touch that gets incredible conversions and this template lays out the whole structure for you.
Template #10: JV Page Video:
  • If you want to get attention to your Launch, you need a JV video that doesn't just explain your launch, but Sells it. With this template, you'll have more affiliates than ever desperate to send clicks your way.
Template #11: Website Welcome Video:
  • Nothing makes such a good impression on new visitors as saying hello. This tempLate will give them a great first encounter, while subtly pushing them to buy whatever you offer.
Template #12: Affiliate Launch Promo:
  • Cash in on the biggest Launches with this template, designed to whip your List into a frenzy and driving more commissions than ever.
Template #13: Downsell video:
  • A customer saying no doesn't mean you need to give up... especially when you've got this downsell template.
Template #14: Exit Traffic Video:
  • Bring your customers back with this special template designed to make them think twice about Leaving without your offer (combine this with the VSL template for a huge boost in conversions).
Template #15: Affiliate Promo Video:
  • It's not all about the Launches, but most people don't promote evergreen products because they don't know how to sell them. With this template, it's no longer a problem. You'll always have a source of commissions ready and waiting.
Template #16: Authority Building Tutorial:
  • Nothing online is as valuable as authority. With this template,you'll be able to take your knowledge and turn yourself into an expert.
Template #17: Back End Funnel Promo:
  • After the launch is over, you'll have a hot list of leads just waiting for your recommendations, but you don't want to turn them off with an instant sell. This template lets you ease them in while still generating massive commissions.
Template #18: Infomercial Style Web Commercial:
  • Why do people pay $1,000,000 for infomerciar slots? Because they work. And with this template, they'll work for you, too.
Template #19: Storytelling Relationship Builder:
  • Use the power of story to make your customers and subscribers relate to you, Like you, and want to Listen to everything you say. Yes, including 'buy this'.
Template #20: Upsell Video:
  • Keep your upselLs short, simple, and still generate massive conversions. This template can double your profits on a Launch... and all in Less than 7 minutes of video.
[+] As an added bonus, you’ll also get not 1 but 2 of Peter's rare and publicly unreleased video persuasion & copywriting trainings:

Video Influence & Million Dollar Sales Videos.

Discover Peter's 12 Closely Guarded Video Influence and Persuasion Tactics GUARANTEED To TRIPLE Your Sales AND Boost Conversions Selling Anything to Anyone...or Your Money Back.

You're About to Discover:
  • Peter's "Pandora Effect" and how it keeps your viewers sucked into your video until the end, increasing the chance that they'll buy.
  • Peter's "Confident Assumption" Trick and how it will directly increase conversions from your in-video call to actions.
  • Peter's "Big Picture Theory and how it allows you to speak directly to your viewers subconscious and create deep rooted desire for your product or service.
  • Peter's "3's a Crowd Theory" and how it instantly helps your viewer feel more comfortable making a purchase with you.
  • Peter's "Silver Back Gorilla Technique" and how it just may be the easiest way to capture your viewers attention from 00:01 and get them clicking the BUY button at the end of your video.
  • Peter's 3 Step, No Fail "Objection Knock Out" Technique and how it will CRUSH your viewer's mod common objections that are blocking them from making a purchase with you.
  • Peter's "Avatar Mirroring Effect" and how it's the easiest way to increase trust and credibility in the eyes of your viewer to multiply the chance that they'll listen to what you have to say and follow your instructions and so much more.
[+] Million dollar sales videos:

Inside Million Dollar Sales Videos, you'll get to look under the hood of three of the top-performing sales videos right now.

You'll discover the tricks and tactics that A-grade copy-writers use to persuade people to buy by the truck-load... and then use all the same techniques in your own videos.

Driving more conversions, more sales, and more PROFIT to your business.

Double Or Triple Your Conversion Rates With The Hidden Secrets Of Three $1,000,000 Sales Videos.

[+] Completely Cross-Niche:

When your sales video is at this level, it doesn't play the information, it plays the BUYER. And that means everything you'll see here is based on psychology that works in ANY niche. Whatever your business is... affiliate marketing, Amazon, consulting, offline or more... what you'll discover here will make your conversions explode.
  • The hidden video sales tricks used in profitable sales videos that make millions, and how to reverse engineer them to make your viewers buy more from you.
  • The "social video weapon" used by top video marketers to increase conversions by at least 300%.
  • The $1,000,000 call to action - when you want to sell 7 figures, you can't just "call" to action, you've got to COMMAND. All 3 of these sales letters use commands that viewers can't ignore, and you'll see how you too can reel in buyers like fish on a line.
  • How to create a cult like following with your sales videos and practically control your viewers thoughts, making them pull out their wallets and give you money.
  • REAL sales videos being used by REAL million dollar companies RIGHT NOW, and how you can borrow, no... STEAL these tactics to power up your own videos.
Toonvidio Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I highly recommend you to get your Copy of Toonvidio?

If you are searching for all-in-one Video Creation Software that will enable you to create amazing movie-style 3D animated videos to promote your business (videos like video salesletters, explainer videos, upsell videos, product demos, tutorials, list building videos, viral facebook videos, infomercials, web commercials and so much more), then you will find that Toonvidio is your highly recommended choice.

Here's What Makes Toonvidio The BEST Video Creation Software Available, ANYWHERE:

=> Premium 3D Animated Videos:
  • NO! NOT just intros or logos. Choose from a wide library of 3D characters & objects and animate them in your video however you want. Or, turn yourself into a 3D character and star in your own video!
=> Thousands of 2D & 3D Video Assets:
  • If you want to make a video about it, chances are we have the characters, objects and detailed backgrounds that will let you do it in minutes. And it's growing every week!
=> Viral Video Meme Creation:
  • Capitalize on the biggest trend on Facebook and other social networks. Turn ANY video into a viral video meme that brings targeted traffic by the truckload.
=> Powerful Video Editing Suite:
  • Forget creating animations in one software then needing to finish your edits in another. Now you can do it all AND MORE with Toonvidio.
=> 2D Animated Explainer Videos:
  • Stop pulling your hair out with other restrictive video creators. Now you can create the exact explainer video of your dreams with our built in templates OR by scratch!
=> Animated Video Previews for Email:
  • Sky rocket click thrus and email list response by taking your videos into your emails. Convert any video into an animated "video teaser" that can be used in email, your website...or anywhere you want.
=> Kinetic Typography Videos:
  • Easily and effortlessly crank out blockbuster video sales letters that sell your products OR create them for clients and charge hundreds or thousands.
=> Complete Control w/ NO Restrictive Templates:
  • Tired of trying to design your video around restrictive slide templates that only let you put your text and objects in one place? Forget about it! With Toonvidio you can simply put stuff where you want it.
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    How to Claim My Toonvidio Bonuses?

    1- Clear Your cookies in your Web Browser

    2- Get Your Copy Now of Toonvidio Through This Special Bonus Link

    3- Verify you see 214267 at the bottom of the checkout page

    4- After completing your order , send [Your name, JVZoo receipt id and date of purchase] in message to my FB Account at: or PM me here in WarriorForum or Send message to

    5- You will receive all theses bonuses within 24 hours.
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