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Learn the Principles I Used To Eliminate My Frustrations In Pay Per Click Marketing

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Posted 25th August 2010 at 06:29 AM by Johstin
Updated 15th September 2010 at 09:00 AM by Johstin (wrong link)

I was just like the rest of them...sitting in a room waiting to hear some GRAND presentation about why I should "join their business". I was invited by a friend who was already part of the company. He was using the strategies they taught him of writing down everyone you know on a list and contact them..."this is the way to a fast start".

"Lucky me", I was one of them. It was a life changing call...but not in a way you would normally think. I decided to go. When I got there...I remember sitting on the front row in a fairly large conference room with a suit and tie. I was nervous as heck...trying to make a good impression with the other "entrepreneurs" and prospects who were as desperate as I was to try to find a different way to make money.

All the while, I was uncomfortable. Here I was spending my time in a meeting hearing people talk about how this business changed their lives and I was missing the NBA finals. Plus...I didn't know if the method in which the reps made money was suitable for me. Don't get me wrong...this company had an excellent reputation all across the nation. But their fast action plans didn't seem "fast" to me and not much money was made in my opinion with these "fast start bonuses". I kept thinking to myself there's got to be a better way.

I felt this even more after I left. My friend asked me how did I like the presentation. I said with a cheap grin..."Oh it was great" (I felt like most people...I didn't want to offend him but it just wasn't for me.) Something inside of me was pulling me to look deeper and search for a better solution. The game was over and I felt like my time and freedom was none existent. I was desperate...my accounting job that was paying me $22.00 an hour just ended, my unemployment checks were going away quickly, and my savings were diminishing fast.

I needed a way out...so I decided to venture into network marketing (but a different company). But after going to meeting after meeting...buying leads who claimed they never opted in, getting yelled at by prospects to never call again, attending every single webinar and team "motivation" calls, watching hours of the company's training videos, driving 45 min to an hour away from my home to business presentations, scared out of my mind calling leads reading from a script...and on top of that, NOT MAKING ANY MONEY...I just got tired...I was frustrated and restless...I needed a better solution. I said to myself, these stonage methods just aren't working for me.

Then...one day when I was surfing the web. I came across an ad for my business opp on Google. I clicked it and lo and behold...I found the "Holy Grail"...a beautifully well-written capture page with an awesome video, opt in box, sales page, and the list goes on...It was something I had never seen before in my life...something I didn't know you could do. IMMEDIATELY...I knew this is what I wanted to do...

Thank God. My problems were solved. My eyes literally opened up and I was beaming with excitement and hunger seeing the limitless possibilities for growing my organization through the use of the internet. NO MORE cold calling leads or sitting through boring meetings hoping someone will join my business. The internet was the place I knew I could get unlimited targeted leads. The fact that I could place an ad on Google and get tons of leads searching for my business was GOLD. I want to learn how to yield the power of the MIDAS TOUCH. But I had one major problem...I didn't know how.

I tried Pay Per Click marketing and failed miserably. I loss tons of money, my account and content has been either borderline Google slapped or banned, my cost per keyword were extremely high, and no matter what I do or what changes I make from the "sincere" but blunt Google "Banwords" team emails...my quality score was terrible, borderline pathetic, and just not going up.

Google was making drastic changes and the Facebook Ads team just seemed to have a bulls-eye on my head since none of my "seemingly well designed" ads hardly ever get approved. Insane, right? But...I didn't let that stop me. I KNEW I could be successful...I KNEW that I could establish a million dollar business...if I took the right steps. I knew there was a solution and I wasn't stopping until I had it.

Here's the question I asked myself..."So what do I do now? I want to succeed but not quite sure how to get there."

I'm jumping ahead of myself...but the first essential principle for eliminating frustration in ppc (or anything for that matter) is realizing this...

Are you ready? I know it sounds crazy but here it is…

IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT. (Get this in your head…what I like to call a Mindset
Shift...stay with me) The problem is no one has ever taught you the true principles of
marketing. Yes these people were getting results...but their methods were only
for short term gain and it took a lot of time (time I didn’t have) for them to
get substantial results…They weren’t busting out 450+ leads per day
on autopilot and building a long term business…earning 6-figures per
month. There were only using a small miniscule percentage of their potential.

It's almost like the blind leading the blind. Let me explain...

There is a difference between understanding principles versus employing techniques. Most network marketers today are employing techniques for short term gain without understanding the underlying marketing principles of what
they are doing. The motto for most network marketers is..."Everyone else is doing it so I'll guess I'll do it too."

This was my demise initially…I was marketing with no understanding…just a desperation to make money so my lights wouldn’t get caught off…

Did you know that only the top 3% of network marketers will actually make money
in this industry while the other 97% will fail? If the home based business industry was so "easy", wouldn't everyone be making money?

It's the lack of leadership and training that’s caused many home based business owners to face constant rejection, ruin their reputation, crush their self esteem, and wonder if they will ever succeed.

Techniques (ppc marketing, seo tactics, email campaigns, facebook marketing,
twitter followings, blitz calling, etc) are great and yield minor results but only
for a short time. It's like having a cache full of high-tech weaponry but don't know how to use them properly. There are many home based business owners out there that are getting some results but WANT MORE and
KNOWS there is more out there. And guess what? THERE IS! However, most are just shooting aimlessly
hoping to catch something. It's a bad feeling not knowing if what you are doing is going to work or not. I hate it. But you don't have to feel that way. I'll explain later…

So, What Do I Do Now? How do I start dominating in my niche or business? How do
I start going from zero leads and zero money to 450+ leads per day and making millions?

(Very Important…and here’s where it all changed for me…simple yet powerful)... Change your perspective and become a learner...

Why not learn to how to aim, shoot, and catch your prey on the first, second, third, nth try?

(This is a Powerful Proverb)
-Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.-

HERE'S THE APPLICATION...Learning the principles of marketing with technical
skill, (in this case for pay per click), from a guide that "knows how to fish, has the stomach and trophies to prove it, and can teach you the exact same" will yield you lifetime results.

I'm not afraid to say this...but I needed someone who had the skills and
results to prove to "hold my hand" and guide me step by step. Not to say that I was a "dunce" but I just didn't know how...I needed
someone to show me how to produce the millions they've earned. I need someone
to kick me in the pants and keep me moving when I felt like giving up or offer
excuses for letting my fears keep me from doing the things I needed to do.

I made up in my mind a long time ago that I wasn't going to be somebody's puppet. That in order for me to succeed I needed to take responsibility and take immediate action. That paying for a custom-built home cash or
providing a beautiful engagement ring for my girlfriend was not going to come
by on my own or with useless methods.

Learning the "right" principles equals long term success.

I found someone who was catching the big fish in pay per click marketing generating 450+ leads per day on complete autopilot and making millions…and guess what…they offered to teach me what they
knew…EVERYTHING…I finally found the solution to my problems and I was able to start seeing my dreams become a reality.

PPC Domination Principles…

This is worth its weight in gold..."What makes the desperation go away is
developing SKILL SETS...without it everything that you do is just motivation, self help, or useless knowledge...once you develop skill sets you will never feel
uncomfortable again."

Here's a very powerful mechanic behind money creation in our world and what
you must understand in order to EFFECTIVELY SELL your products, services, or business opportunity for the rest of time.

This information has the ability to cause paradigm shifts in how you view
marketing but only if you are ready to action.

Are you ready?

Money is a VALUE EXCHANGE. Period, end of story. The more value you are
creating in your prospects life...the more money they are going to send you.
(Unfortunately, some people can create the "perception" of value inside their prospects head but never really deliver it. Those people really tick me off. They are selling from an empty heart. Hopefully after you are done
learning what I'm going to teach you you'll be more educated on how this process works and can make choices to purchase products that REALLY deliver a crucial value to your life, not just a "perceived" one.)

Most people in the Home Business Industry do not really understand this "Value Exchange" equation.

They tend to think their business is their opportunity. But it's not.

They think their business is their products...but that's only a small piece.

They tend to think they shouldn't have to sell anything, cause some idiot in
their upline told them that the "Product Sells Itself", but that guy
is a moron and has 5,000 people out there selling the product for him. (He's
really not a moron...he just has far more leverage than you and is making use of it)

I think we can all agree that pay per click "is one of the biggest breakthroughs in advertising in HUMAN HISTORY."

You only pay, AFTER someone has suggested they are interested in what you have
to offer. Think about that...because it's nuts. Once you understand the
"CODE" behind the Google searcher, and you UNDERSTAND what they are
looking for, why they are looking for it, and what they want...then you OFFER
THEM exactly that. You can craft your marketing to meet THEIR exact needs. And
you can TEST the entire process on ANY scale.

But the real amazing part of PPC marketing is in your ability to test and
REFINE what you're offering to your prospects...and continue to improve it so
your conversions just increase.

Let me offer you an example here...(Principles vs Technicality)

  • Your prospects type in a word in Google
  • 10 ads show up on the right hand side
  • Your ad is one of them
  • Prospects click your ad...and says "Yes, That Is What I'm Looking For",
  • and they opt in and become a lead.
  • You call them up, close them, make money, and build your business.

(OR, this is most people...possibly those who have been slapped, banned, or denied)

  • The prospect clicks on your ad, see's your page, and says "NO. This person doesn't get me at all...and this is not what I was searching for."

If you learn how to MASTER this equation above...you can literally print money on Google's behalf. I'm not kidding.

YOU'VE GOT TO GET THIS...Google understands marketing principles ("they've
been fishing for a long time"). They understand the mind of the prospect
or the conversation that's going on in their minds. Their chief objective is to
deliver HIGH QUALITY content that MEETS those EXACT NEEDS. Content, a capture
page, a sales page that matches its marketing to the exact conversation inside
the prospect's mind and delivers in value is the professional substance that
Google is looking for.

Here's an example...

If a prospect goes to Google and types in the keyword "Monavie"...what do you think we do? Do you think we show them a page
offering our business? Why the heck would we do that? The prospect is clearly
looking for information on Monavie.

The first thing we do is we use our ad to DISQUALIFY as many people as possible
from clicking on it...who wouldn't be ultimately interested in what we have to
offer. I don't want all the people searching Monavie who are interested in the
Urine Test or Vitamins to be clicking my ad...since I have nothing to really
offer them.

So we create our ad to target business seekers and people who are interested in money.

Second, we OFFER the people searching for Monavie information they are LOOKING
FOR. We target our marketing...so we don't seem like some "random" person on the internet...but we position our marketing in a way so that it RELATES to the person researching Monavie...and OFFERS THEM more of what they are looking for.

We OFFER THEM real value that is going to benefit their lives...and help them
move closer to accomplishing their true goals.

That's how you DOMINATE online. That's the RESULTS of using marketing
principles WITH technical skills. That's exactly how you go and catch
"fish" for days, weeks, months, YEARS and live a life of freedom and
be able to have and do what you have always dreamed.

You're literally able to go into any market there is out there, bid on almost
ANY KEYWORD, and dominate in that marketplace when you get really good.

Honestly, I haven't even BEGUN to scratch the surface of my knowledge, or skill
sets I have mastered that have given me the abilities I have. All I'm going to
say is this...I truthfully cannot even FATHOM being in this industry and not
being educated and mentored step by step on PPC marketing.

I couldn't FATHOM not using strategy to grow my business...when more traffic,
and more leads, are more READILY AVAILABLE then you could imagine...and all you have to do is "FIGURE OUT" how to put your business in front of them
in an intelligent way.

Seriously...I couldn't fathom the mindset that WOULDN'T choose to educate
itself on literally the most important marketing tactic existing in our
industry. That's why the
Pay Per Click Mastery Course has been the most popular and best selling course ever, based on results and profitability. The testimonies from hundreds of students who enrolled in this course concerning the value it OVER-DELIVERS and the success it has made for them is literally off the charts. I kid you not.

Here's a quick testimony...(totally unsolicited)
(((I hope everyone realizes how powerful this training is. As an alumni to
this training I can honestly say that it is everything you proclaim and 1000X
more. The value just keeps on multiplying even after the course as one starts
to put into action the absolute right on key training you get from this PPC
mastery training. I have read some of the comments above and can confidently
say that all those questions will be answered in this training, and as always
with Jonathan you will get way more than you could possibly expect, his
exchange with you is in massive abundance. Don't let this pass you by. -Jan-

If you are sick and tired of useless, unfounded training and advice from your
upline leaders other people in the industry, and you want to really LEARN how
to (catch fish for years) and become a successful marketer that can COMMAND
money to come to you...then you'd seriously have to question your commitment to
this industry to not buy this product while it's on the market...

The last time this product was offered it ONLY was available for 7 days. Only the first 300 who take action will have access. So you only have a short time before it's removed from the market. If you want to
enter into the category of human beings who "Understands" exactly how to create money...then you know what to do. Click on the link below and take action now.

The Pay Per Click Mastery Course
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