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How to Compel Your Prospects to Make the Buying Decision You Want

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Posted 24th January 2014 at 02:00 PM by Jomuli3

Words are a powerful tool we can use to compel our prospects to do what we want. You can sit back happily and watch them (prospects) get into your ‘fish trap’ only to discover they have no way out.

You just have to take the trap from the water and disentangle them.

You see, there are some copywriting techniques we use to do that. I call them psychological techniques.

No wonder the copywriters’ income is higher than that of an article writer. There is deep consumer, competition and product research work. Figuring out of relevant emotions/feelings, mind reading and shifting, working out fears, wants, frustrations and the like are some of the essential things a copywriter has to do.

As a Copywriter, I have a technique I often use to compel prospects to make buying decisions - decisions I want them to make.

When people do one thing, they will want to do the same thing over and over. They will want to do that very thing even if there are better options available.

A good copywriter will capitalize on this human behavior to increase sales for internet marketers or direct marketers.
How is this accomplished?

Give them a situation. Ask them what they think about it. A copywriter could frame a situational question in such a way that they would give him the answer he wants.

If he is selling some expensive car, for example, he would ask his prospect why she thinks it is not a good idea to buy a cheap car.

Here he wants to position his car as the ideal one for the prospect – a better choice than the competitors are offering.

He wants to resonate with her (prospect) on the disadvantages of buying a cheap car – without referring to the advantages of buying a cheap car. A good copywriter could do this by saturating his copy with benefits presented in a logical manner using bullets, use emotions/feelings and point out weaknesses in available options.

Later, in his proposition, he could offer his expensive car using highly persuasive language that leaves the competition in the dust.

Since she will have already made up her mind when the copywriter asked her why it wasn’t good to buy a cheap car, she could buy the expensive car.

This is the power of consistency used correctly, it could raise your sales or conversion rates to unprecedented levels.
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