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A Billionaire Black Chick's Email Tip

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Posted 9th July 2014 at 11:47 AM by Jonwebb

Oprah is perhaps the greatest daytime tv host of all time.

She is savvy business women who knows exactly what she is doing. perfect example she is literally a billionaire, yet she still finds a way to "that girl from Milwaukee"

She built the most successful, day time talk show of its kind, and she did it by:
  • She did it by being funny ( the countless jokes and like hearted moments)
  • by being giving ( like the time she gave everyone in her audience a new car)
  • by allowing us to know intimate details about her past ( When she shared how she was molested by members in her family to help others heal)

She built her audience by being talking to them each day, and allowing them and herself to be 'naked'

how many people can say that they have interviewed the President, Micheal Jackson, Micheal Jordan, Donald Trump and a wealth of other power players.

She is a trusted friend AND a trusted source.

She uses TV.

We Use Email.

same strategy, different medium.

be entertaining, be insightful, and be vulnerable.

if some of you all would be so kind to fill out this survey for me, I am looking to write more posts on here about email, but I really only want to talk about things that matter to you guys.

Quick survey

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