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Kill the ant Queens! (why quit your job)

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Posted 13th January 2009 at 08:35 PM by jwhagarty

Copied with permission from Virtual Breadwinner: So where do I start?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
So where do I start?
I guess technically I already started with my first post, and this being my second cannot possibly be a start in the purest sense of the term. My first post was my virtual stamping of my foot, but gave a good overview of the path of the future millionaire. Now I am left to figure out where I go from there. I guess the question should really be: So what's next?

Next I am going to try to write something to keep you interested... lists Top Ten Reasons to Quit Your Job. They are, all round, pretty good reasons, but one important reason is lacking. I find it fascinating that the only reason they did not list, is really the best reason to quit your job. Now I suppose I am overgeneralizing here. They haven't listed every possible reason. There is no mention of: "You got locked in the meat freezer on your Mcdonald's job, everyone heard you cry like a baby to be let out, and now you are too ashamed to show your face." But it is a top ten list so listing every possible reason really doesn't make sense in that context. That being said, there is still a great gaping hole in this list. The all time greatest reason has not only missed first place, but missed the list entirely. The number one reason to quit your job iiiiis (hear the drums rolling): You don't need it any more!

We are so ingrained with this idea that we need jobs that we have lost sight of reality. I mean wouldn't it be a dream come true for you to wake up one day and say: "Gee I really don't need to go to work today. In fact I don't really need to go to work ever again." And yet it doesn't even get an honorable mention?

Why did our parents teach us that you grow up and you get a job. Why do we believe it and teach it to our children. Who really likes their job, deep down? I've had jobs in which I've thrived. I've had jobs that made me feel fantastic because I was using my skills and knowledge to the fullest and succeeding. I felt a sense of power and achievement. I felt smart and admired! I still got treated like dirt by my superiors and demeaned and yelled at by bosses. That was the pinnacle of all the jobs I stayed in long enough to get really good.

I want to tell you a story. I was thinking of making it a story about wolves and packs but I like wolves so I don't want to say anything to hurt their feelings. So I changed my mind at the last minute and I am going to tell you an ant story instead. Its all about ants and colonies. It will be just as informative and its easier to dehumanize an ant so I won't feel sorry for saying anything bad about it.

Once long ago ants were solitary creatures. ( I am completely making up this story so do not in anyway take this as scientific fact ok?) They lived on their own and got their own food and started families. (Right, so they weren't completely solitary but I have a point I am trying to make so give me a break!) Ants were happy creatures.
Then a few of them got ideas. They decided to call themselves Queens and convince the other ants that things were better if they got organized and divided up all the different jobs it takes to eke out a living so that each ant did one task and learned to do it very well.
The ants thought this was a great idea. It seemed to them that they would end up working less if they were only doing one task and not all of them. They all jumped on the band wagon, or colony wagon in this case, and worked in their new jobs.
The Queen ants really lived it up. They never had to work. Each one ant was focused on their one task so hard that they could not see how much their efforts were actually making. The Queens could see it because it was all part of their plan and they just used all that extra for themselves.
Meanwhile every other ant felt suddenly that they were working harder than ever before. There began to be a hollow feeling about the work. What exactly were they doing it for anymore? It wasn't long before every ant started to resent this new life. Except for the Queens of course. Ants would mutter things like: "If I wasn't here, it would take 4 ants to do my job" and "One day I am gonna really tell that Queen what I think of her" but few of them ever did anything different or made any change.
Nothing ever changed except for the odd time an ant hill would get kicked by a giant foot. Even in those times, every effort was made to save the queen, no matter how many ants got stepped on in the process. The reason for this was that nobody knew how to do anything but their job any more, except the Queen. The Queen had all the knowledge about how colonies worked and succeeded.
Sometimes ants tried to make themselves Queens. A few now and them would succeed but more often than not they got all caught up in doing the job they knew because it was all they knew. The things true Queens do to make a colony succeed were left undone or done completely wrong. And so the ants were trapped in one big endless job.
The end.

So what is the moral of this story? Ambush the Queens, tie them up and make them tell us their secrets? Come on, we are people not ants. Think, use the fore brain that sets us so far above those ants! Queens love to brag and by this I now mean successful business people. They all seem to love to write books about how they did it. The moral of this story is that there are more ways to succeed than just a job. In fact there are much better ways to succeed. Success is yours for the taking. You just have to learn to do it right.

Your first step on the road to success is to realize you do not need that job. The next step is to figure out how to be something other than an employee. If you can't figure that out then you have no business quitting your job. Many people try succeeding on their own only to fail. They fool themselves into thinking the home based business idea they tried was a scam. The truth is the only scam was them convincing themselves they were ready.

If you have fully realized you don't need your job, if you have learned and are willing to follow the way of the entrepreneur rather than the employee, if you are ready to take responsibility for your own future--then you are well on your way to becoming financially free and I wish you good luck future Queens! ...I mean good luck Future Millionaires!
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