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These Two Words Will Get You OUT of the Rat Race

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Posted 29th May 2009 at 12:58 PM by jwhagarty

Hi everyone.

My wife and I enjoy playing the board game Cashflow 101. It is a very fun and sometimes frustrating game that teaches you how to recognize opportunities to increase your passive income.

The main goal of the game is to Escape the Rat Race. When your Passive Income exceeds your Monthly Expenses then you can FIRE YOUR BOSS and still live your current lifestyle. In the board game itself this is called Escaping the Rat Race, and then you live on the Fast Track!

Last night we had our monthly Cashflow 101 game night, and I had my best game ever! I was playing a Mechanic who had expenses of about $1300 per month and a salary of $2000 per month. This means that every Payday he was able to put about $700 in his pocket after all the expenses were paid for.

In the game you get different Opportunities to buy or sell businesses, stocks, mutual funds, limited partnerships, start ups, land, gold, and real estate. You can use your own cash, or borrow from the bank at high interest rates.

In the game I played last night I bought 5,000 shares of a $1 stock, using a bank loan.

I then flipped the stock when it rose to $20!

This put $100K in my pocket, which I was able to use as a down payment on a Pizza Franchise.

The Pizza Franchise then paid me $5,000 per month in Passive Income.

This was well in excess of my monthly expenses, and lickety split I was out of the Rat Race and on to the Fast Track!

I have been playing this game for about two years and have played something like 20-30 times. Last night I had my best game ever, and I understood something new about the game that I hadn’t realized before.

Repetition is one of the keys to learning. If I wasn’t convinced of it before, I certainly am now. Whatever you are doing to improve yourself - keep doing it - and do more of it!

If there is a great book, movie, CD, or DVD that motivates you and educates you, don’t just read it once and put it on the shelf. Go back to it again and again and again. Open your mind, relax, and allow yourself to really absorb the lessons.

Recognize the opportunities around you.

In Cashflow101[and in life!] there are Big Deals and Small Deals. The Big Deals cost over $5,000 USD, while the Small Deals cost $5,000 USD or LESS.

You absolutely can Escape the Rat Race using nothing but Small Deals!

What kind of Small Deals do you have working for you in your own life?

You see, one thing I have learned is that everyone can afford to become financially free, its just about the choices you make.

You will spend $5,000 this year. No doubt about it. Many of you will spend $5,000 in the next couple of months. Some of you will spend $5,000 this month. There are even a few of you who spend $5,000 each and every month.

The difference is - what are you spending it on?

How is that spending going to get you financially free?

I know everyone wants a short cut.

So in this case, as a gift to you for reading my blog, I am going to condense the entire collected works of Robert Kiyoaski down into TWO WORDS…

I have spent hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars reading his books, playing his game, attending his seminars, attending his classes, listening to his CDs, and watching his DVDs, and I am going to distill all of this knowledge down into two words that may take you all of 10 seconds to read….

Are you ready?

Here they are:


Have fun, good luck, and let me know what you think!
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