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Create An Online Radio Station

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Posted 4th September 2014 at 04:56 PM by Kanga

An online radio station is one of the most underused advertising techniques online. When you hear the words online radio you think about music but there are so numerous more means to use an online radio station. Getting a little innovative and utilizing the correct system you can build a radio station around practically any kind of niche or business. You don't require to be restricted to just music since anything that you can create into an mp3 file can be made use of to use your very own online radio.

Create Your Own Online Radio Business

Building a business out of your own online radio is the same as building any other business, your products and services will be different but the concept will still remain the same. As with any business creating a plan and strategy is the very first thing that needs to be done. The following basic steps will help you in creating your business plan so you are able to start off in the right direction.

-Type of Radio Station - First you must decide what type of radio station you would like to have. This could be an all music radio station, marketing news, certain recipes or meal planning, tips or tricks for gaming and etc. The type of radio you would like to have is only limited by your imagination but keep in mind that a radio station based upon what you love to do would be successful in the long run.

-Live or Auto Dj - The next step is in deciding if you want to "run your radio station" through live broadcast, auto dj or do both. Live broadcast usually requires you to have software installed on your computer such as winamp and a microphone. The auto dj only requires you to upload your MP3's to your control panel and then drag and drop them in the order you wish them to be played. The auto dj will continue to play 24 / 7 as when it reaches the last MP3 on your list it will start back at the beginning. Doing live broadcast is still possible when doing auto dj but you will be required to stop the auto dj before going live and start the auto dj back when you are finished with your broadcast, this can easily be done with the click of a button. Certainly there is more to....
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