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Online Marketing Strategies With Wordpress Plugin

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Posted 12th October 2014 at 11:23 AM by Kanga

Everywhere you look you see offline marketing strategies on how to drive customers to your business - there are billboards, print paper advertisements and even radio station special events. Radio stations for example will run special events or contest to get customers to come in to an auto dealership by offering some prize for the correct answer to a question. These types of marketing strategies work very well for businesses offline to increase the traffic flow of customers. Online marketing strategies have the very same ability to help drive website traffic to your wordpress blog through the use of quality content.

You can implement this type of online marketing strategy by using an excellent wordpress plugin called Word Premium Share. You could blog about the latest industry news or the coolest new movie to that has been released or you could create content based upon trends from Twitter, Facebook or Google. This would get some attention and even some visitors sharing the content with their friends on Facebook or twitter. This type of content obviously would help your site grow with more website traffic. What if you added in the ability to hide most of that content though until it was shared within social media?

This is exactly what WordPremium Share has been designed to do. You choose what content to hide from your word press blog post and the reader must share the post in social media to see the entire context of your post. This helps to create a viral effect because the more readers you drive to your word press blog the more will be opted to share your quality content. Sharing this content on social media websites gives more exposure to your wordpress blog which in turn drives more readers wanting to see the entire content you have.

Very much like the offline marketing strategies this helps to increase the ability for your business to grow with more customers. The more website traffic and visitors you have the greater chance of you getting opt-ins for your mail list or new customers that buy what you are selling. Applying WordPremium Share to your online marketing strategies is one of the best ways to get your content and business to go viral. This wordpress plug-in can be utilized in many different ways to help increase the sharing of your content. Content does not need to be written as it could be a self recorded video, an MP3 on a training course or even high quality downloads of virtual products.

"WordPremium Share" today can greatly help your wordpress blog and see what creative ways you can come up with to apply this excellent marketing strategy to your online business. Having your content shared on social networks has proven to be very valuable in the internet marketing arena. Research has shown that social validation is one of the top factors in the search engines ranking algorithms.
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