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A No-Brainer That Will Have You Looking Like A Genius

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Posted 2nd June 2016 at 09:41 PM by kartherma

Appearances aren't everything, but they sure do count for something...

My time in the military and dealing with people out in town have taught me that first impressions really do count. Once set, they are difficult to change.

It is kind of funny but if the first impression is negative, then folks tend to see more of the negative in subsequent interactions. If positive, then it seems the positives are noticed more.

It's kind of like when I bought a Subaru after years of owning 'muscle' cars. Before I bought the Subaru, I never noticed one on the roads. Now that I have one I sure notice there are a lot on the streets.

Our minds see what we are interested in.

It works similar with first impressions. If the first time you see me you notice my uniform (or suit, etc.) is wrinkly and frumpy, you may tend to notice more negative things in my work product. In a way, the impressions we give off can become a self fulfilling type of deal- after all, we ALL have positives and negatives in our personalities, work ethic, knowledge, etc.

One place where your first impression counts for a lot is on your website. If it is not at least organized and clean, it might give off the air of the sloppy disorganized. And visitors, once filled with that picture in their mind, may continue to find more and more disorganized 'faults' in your content, etc.

For those folks who just go through the motions and don't take the time to check out what they are doing it usually shows. Like when a new blog goes up and the 'Hello Dolly' post is still up and visible. If you can't be bothered to clean your site up before you take it live and drive traffic, why should your visitors expect anything other than a sloppy and incomplete product from you?

They will notice this, and will be primed (at a sub-conscious level) to be on the look out for evidence of further laziness on your part and will find it where ever it pops up- even in places where it doesn't really exist.

Now, nothing has to be Pitch Perfect, we are humans and truth be told, it is O.K. to have a few flaws- makes us both more believable and more likeable. Its not hard to hate that perfect guy.

That being said, I put some thought into my landing page. Each element was chosen with intent on my part. (The question if my intentions are to become realities has yet to be fully answered- but currently the page is doing more or less exactly what I wanted it to do).

When I first started building websites, I had a devil of a time. In fact, I essentially paid someone to do my sites for me. Eventually I wanted to do them on my own and I started using website building software. I've tried a few (not a bunch, but some) and have currently settled on the one I built this site with.

If you'd like to get a head start on managing your first impressions the way I do, click on over to check out the web builder I use for my websites at http://www.curtisbrody.com/websitebuilder

Be Good!
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