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Top 8 Fights You Should Never Pick With Search Engines

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Posted 3rd June 2016 at 10:30 PM by kartherma

In case you have not noticed, the Major search engines are Major companies that

bring in billions (with a B) of dollars in revenue per month.

Pick a fight with these guys, and they'll finish it (by banning your site to the bowels

of Guru's Inferno).

Top 8 fights not to pick in no particular order:

- Hidden text and/or keyword stuffing
- Obvious SPAM on your site (cloaked or scraped content)
- Spam generated by your users (like blog comments... never seen that...)
- Links from parked domains
- Thin content (auto-blogs, copy/pasted affiliate pages, doorway pages, cookie-cutter

- Unnatural links (artificial, deceptive, manipulative, etc. backlinks- usually bought

and/or spammed using some sort of link tool- or the currently popular 'private blog

- Free hosts and IPs with several spammy sites on them (sites sharing an IP where

some of them are obvious spam sites can take a hit...)
- Cloaking/redirecting where you show the search engine different page than you

show the visitor

This entire list can be summed up in one concept:
Don't Compromise Your Integrity. -or- Don't Cheat Your Way To Higher Rankings.

If your site doesn't have the right type of content that would allow it to be ranked

higher, the right response is to build a better website with better content- NOT cheat

your way to higher rankings...

Search engines are a business (very well funded I might add) that are based almost

entirely on the ability of the engine to produce accurate results for terms searched.

If they let some low class sleaze bucket get his viagra site at the top of the results for

'dog tricks' you can believe that visitors will stop coming to that search engine.

One metric that no back link scam will EVER affect is how long a visitor stays on

your website. If it is ugly, why would they stay?
Do your best to provide the best website experience to your visitors. Spending your

time taking care of your customers will go a very long way towards getting more


To get on the right path to giving your visitors a great experience and build nice,

clean, and attractive sites like mine, check out the website builder I use:

Be Good!
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