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What is Web 2.0? How will it benefit my internet marketing home business?

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Posted 26th October 2009 at 09:15 AM by katiepanton

If you’re getting started, or considering getting started in Internet marketing and you’ve heard a lot about Web 2.0, but don’t actually know what it is, this is a brief explanation. Web 2.0 is not an actual thing that has been created, it is the description of the evolution of the use of the Internet in the past few years. It holds the promise for exponential success for Internet marketers who position themselves as leaders. But it isn’t an opportunity that will last forever, like any business game, which holds the potential to offer enormous success, there is an optimum time window for which you can enter and receive, if you miss it then you’ll miss out completely.

‘Web 2.0’ is a term coined by Tim O’Reilly and Dale Doughtery during a brainstorming conference, and the term stuck. What they were summarizing using this term is the user-generated and owned content and information, from expert-generated content. What this essentially means is that it’s absolutely the peak time to be plugging in and earning yourself a legitimate fortune as you position yourself on the internet with an online business, provided you are giving true value and worth to your customers. It is a perfect tool for Home business owners to use because some of the highest traffic generating sites include Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, YoutTube, Blogs, social networks and Pay Per Click advertising with search engines. These are the exact site we can utilize to market our businesses, primarily free, and low cost, while at the same time generating highly qualified leads and prospects, provided you have the best training. They give a voice and visibility to the entrepreneur, and not just that, but the ability to reach the whole world, at the click of a mouse.

Corporate businesses use it in their advantage as a marketing tool, and for the network marketing industry, it allows you to advertise your home business using free to low cost websites.

The most important thing to understand as a fresh entrepreneur is that it’s a continually evolving process. The skills you need do not come over night, and you will rarely make a fortune overnight; get rich quick attitudes will land you with the wrong company and in a poor financial and emotion state. Like any new skill you must have due diligence in your learning, patience, perseverance and faith, both in the potential and power of Web 2.0, and also in yourself. It is both extremely exciting and overwhelming when you see what you can do and how much there is to do and master. When you see the successful sites of ready established and successful marketers, there is a tendency to let the inner chatter talk ourselves down and lose confidence in ourselves, but these sites and their successes came gradually, and they started exactly where you did; their results are due to continually applied effort and learning. A great way to look at it is that it’s so easy that the children of the world master it in hours and spend half their lives on it, so there is no reason why you can’t! The facts are that once you learn it, they are so easy to use, and once you profile are set up, they just need maintenance work, meaning that your home business will give you gift of time leverage and freedom!

Set daily goals and targets, and stay focused. Being in the Internet marketing industry will mean that you are exposed to things which are designed to grab your attention and distract you, but don’t fall into that trap, stay focused always on the task in hand, explore things which interest you or will benefit your business after you’ve completed your tasks. Ask your sponsor for help when you need it, don’t suffer in silence! Surround yourself with positive people, read the correct personal development books, attend growth seminars, do everything you can to expand and evolve your mind. Have patience with yourself too, there are enormous opportunities for success in this industry, and you have every opportunity to start earning a 5-6 figure income within your first few months, which is a success you can get with any other business, especially using such simple methods. The reason you can get these results is because you stop work hard and start working smart; the internet works 24/7, worldwide. This means you can be earning money while you’re not even working, which is why the scope for success is so high.

One word of caution I will illicit, is that along with the evolution of Web 2.0, many false-meaning marketers and scammers have jumped on the opportunity to dupe people out of their money, and so as a result the search engines and social media sites have been forced to increase their standards and come down hard on all content which does meet the new standards. So if you’re with the wrong company who aren’t meeting these standards and don’t train you, not just how to comply, but also how to positively stand out about the crowd, you could face struggles. So make sure you do your research diligently first. The things that should all be ticked off your checklist include:

- The company mission should resonate with you - You should have full training and support for every aspect of your marketing, especially if you’re new, so you don’t just learn it but you master it - You have access to the top trainers and experts in the industry - You can mastermind with the leaders of the community on a regular basis - You have several forms of contact and support - Your marketing modules cover Google PPC (pay per click), and SEO (search engine optimization- the difference between paid, sponsored search results and the free, organic search results), Yahoo, Facebook, My Space, Twitter, YouTube, article and press release marketing, video marketing, classifieds marketing, both online and offline marketing, how-to self branding, auto responder marketing etc.

Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and put in massive action, but the bonus is that it’s so much fun, especially compared to an office job. Really, you’re able to earn 5-6 figures a month, working from home, on your schedule, advertising on social marketing all day, and developing your mind with personal development to get you into the mindset of a millionaire, so you decide the level of success you will take yourself to, and you only answer to you. It’s not a bad life is it!?

Katie is a professional internet marketer. Her mission is to help and inspire other driven entrepreneurs to achieve their financial freedom. Her passion is now to help and guide others, and she is committed to helping the self-driven, serious individuals create their dream lifestyles.”

For more internet marketing and mindset training articles and videos, for more information on what it is that she does, or to get to know her better, go to:

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