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Personal Development- Always keep expanding your mind

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Posted 26th October 2009 at 09:17 AM by katiepanton

Can you really, fully understand the gravity in this sentence:
You can, and will, change who you are; everything about who you are, for the better and for growth, with the books you read.

“You will be the same person in 5 years as you are today except for the books you read”. Charles “Tremendous” Jones.

This is provided you read the correct kind of books, books that are conducive to expanding and developing your mind. You have an inner power which is sleeping inside of you, waiting for you to discover your full potential, and the only way to discover it is to diligently and enthusiastically read the wisdom from those have become successful in a certain thing that you would like to become proficient in; for instance wealth creation, happiness, spirituality, inner peace, health, fitness, successful company building, relationships, sex, etc. The facts are that if you want to do and have more, you need to be more, and you can only do that through personal evolution, achieved through continuous learning, reading and listening of personal development books and cds, attending seminars and masterminding with other like-minded individuals.

This is actually a process of discovering how your mind and it’s relationship with the infinite intelligence/ the Universe/ God/ Spirit/ creator/ insert your preference here. Because the there are definite universal laws which will either work to our advantage or disadvantage, depending on whether we understand how to leverage them. You must learn to understand who you really are, which will allow you to decide what it is you really want, and to get it you must understand what your mind can do. All the power and resources you will ever need reside within you now, in your mind and body, and you must respect them and properly use them. Your body has all the healing capacity you will ever need, it heals and repairs you without you ever having to be conscious of it, and your mind can both create and eliminate disease, depending on what you focus on and believe.

The laws of the Universe are here to work for you and help you achieve everything you want and need, because as you have and create more for yourself, the more you have to give and help others with; poverty is useful for nobody and noble only for the ignorant. 97% of the population fail because they are ignorant, they don’t know what they don’t know. They do not understand the power of their mind or the significance of every single thought and action they take, and they are not proactive in discovering this amazing magic they hold within themselves; they are too busy focusing on how hard done by they are, how it’s everybody else’s fault, on negatives and suffering. Whereas 3% of the population succeed in everything they decide to succeed in, everything flows for them, and they have such gentle and light ways of being. This is because they have worked harder on themselves than on anything else, and before they started a new thing which they wanted to succeed at. They spend time continuously learning and discovering, taking on wisdom from those who have already acquired it, applied it to their own lives and succeeded as a result. Books, audios and seminars.

The wisdom is out there to help you succeed more in health, wealth, fulfilment, happiness, spirituality, relationships, communication, business, etc, if it’s there, what’s stopping you from learning it and becoming powerful?

I, myself, have overcome enormous personal mountains; anorexia, depression, ill health, broken relationships, a job I loathed, and animosity from the majority of my family members, no friends, and a feeling of loss and emptiness. But one thing I always had throughout the whole thing was faith that I was not alone through the whole thing, and that I had the ability to pull myself through all my adversities. Through committed personal development, spiritual connection and enormous personal growth, within the space of 6 months I healed myself from my second round of 2 year suffering anorexia and psychological frailties, I left the job I hated around the people who were I felt were disrupting me and my chance for happiness (Although I now realise that nobody has the power to stop you, or hold you back, if you want something badly enough, you’ll find a way regardless, and if you’re in a space of people who are disrupting you, don’t continue to drag your energy down by constantly complaining, do something about it!) I have restored and healed my broken relationships, I have so much spiritual connection, which is so fulfilling, I’m happier than I’ve ever been, and I’m starting to live the life of my dreams, with such a sense of purpose to my life. All because I picked up that first book and allowed it to grow.

All the little changes happen so gradually that you barely notice, but they compound over time, so you’re able to look back every 6 months or so and see massive growth in your life. The key is being flexible and open to new ideas and education that you have never been taught before. Keep the momentum going, keep expanding, growing and learning and you will quickly see drastic results. It makes such an incredible difference when you approach life with the attitudes of tolerance, kindness, innocent and pure curiosity without bias or prejudice. With belief in yourself, and the ability to let your ego go, and let your heart speak and guide you, instead of muffling it under ‘responsibility’ and ‘cynicism’. All these things, and more, will allow you to genuinely enjoy your life, and pursue the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow. It can be caught, you’ve just been trying to catch it using the wrong methods. Ignore what and who is going on around you, and focus on your world and how you can improve your world, because by ignoring the fluff, negativity and poor influences you are perhaps currently inclined to allow time and emotion to, and focusing on improving your life and making your life happier, you will influence and inspire the lives of all those around you. Be the shining light and stand for something more in your life, and it all starts with that first book.

Continue to grow and expand your knowledge and skills to allow yourself you do new things, increase your value and income, make yourself a commodity, chase your passions. Ignore the news and the money reducing box- (television), spend time only on the productive things that will take your life forwards. Ignoring the news is not ignorance or cruelty to the rest of the world; it’s destructive for you to watch it! How do you feel after watching the news? Negative? Upset? Angry? Loss of faith in man-kind?! Don’t do it! You can’t change the situation by watching it and filling your head with the constantly negative news in the world. Spend time finding the good and the pure, restore your faith in man-kind, because there is an abundance of good in this world, they just forget to mention it on the news.

Challenge yourself, get curious and obsessed, and doors will open up for you.

I recommend the following:

Having it all- audio by John Assaraf The Answer- audio by John Assaraf Living an Exceptional Life- audio by Jim Rohn Inspiration- audio by Wayne Dyer The is a spiritual solution to every problem- audio by Wayne Dyer Get the Edge (complete 7 day programme)- audio by Anthony Robbins Umlimited Power- Anthony Robbins Awaken the Giant Within- audio by Anthony Robbins Love and Passion- audio by Anthony Robbins Science of getting rich- audio programme by Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Michael Beckwith The slight edge- audio by Jeff Olsen Think and Grow Rich- Napoleon Hill How to win friends and influence people- Dale Carnegie Sharpen the Saw- Stephen Covey Trust your vibes- audio by Sonia Choquette Feel the fear and do it anyway- Susan Jeffers Ask and it is given- Jerry and Esther Hicks The power of your subconscious mind- Joseph Murphy

For more free mindset and internet marketing training articles and videos go to:
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    Dianne P's Avatar
    I agree! You are what you think and for that matter what you read and absorb through learning. Learning can be as simple as reading a book or you can attend a seminar.

    The question is - "Are you going to use what you have learned or let it slip away?" Take action, use your new found knowledge and grow. Be the person you are meant to be!

    Believe in yourself! Afterall, a Belief is only a thought you keep thinking - so think the right thoughts and your Beliefs will be steadfast and true!

    To Our Futures!!

    Posted 29th November 2009 at 09:10 PM by Dianne P Dianne P is offline

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