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How to properly use Twitter- for internet marketers

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Posted 26th October 2009 at 10:58 AM by katiepanton

Twitter is the new way of connecting which is an incredibly useful tool for internet marketers. It can serve as a platform for people to get to know you, to give and add value and even to generate leads. The important thing is that you know how to use it before you jump in though because there are a few golden rules if you don’t want to alienate people! Here they are:
- Give true information and value with each of your Tweets, Like mindset development quotes to give people a little nugget of wisdom, post article links which give people valuable knowledge and information, post videos which do the same - create interesting dilogue with people, strike conversations and get involved. - Find people who share similar interests to you with Search Twitter or Twellow. - Social Networking is like a physical marketing, behave in the same manner. You would pitch the first person you met before directly after shaking their hand, this only alienates people and it feels a lot like spam! - Be yourself and be open and friendly.

The facts are that around 90% of your fellow twitters think you are spamming them. I follow Internet Marketers from many different businesses and they have no idea how to use twitter because I have been pitched by every get-rich-quick scheme or MLM opportunity, without asking. It’s highly annoying and they just get deleted. There is a correct way to promote your business on twitter, but don’t they and have everybody you add opt in cold with your landing page, especially before you even know what they want!

- DON'T pitch your business on Twitter, give value and give them a reason to follow you! - Create a personal website or blog and link the design with your Twitter profile, because this helps your personal branding Recognition. - Follow people who look like they could be interesting in your business and trust that if they are they will follow, don’t force it down their throats. - Build relationships, be there to connect and answer replies and Questions. - Give information and value about your business/ opportunity/ products/ events in a blog, article or press release. - Start positioning yourself as a leader as soon as possible, the more you get yourself out there and put value out, the more people will follow you and eventually end up back at your main page. At their own pace, when they’re ready. - Create a personal website or blog and link the design with your Twitter profile, because this helps your personal branding Recognition. - Twitter and Facebook are fantastic new ways to build lists. Everybody is so inundated with emails and offers they want a break from it! With this social networking your new clients are able to find you and follow you by choice through attraction marketing. They can get to know you without you bombarding them, then they can opt in when they’re ready. Everybody wants to follow and trust a true leader, not a desperate fraud.

Twitter isn’t just vapid status updating, it, for us as internet marketers, is public list building. Twitter helps you to find like people just like yourself, and allows you to connect with potential clients, or even to partner up for joint ventures with others.

Every significant entrepreneur is on Twitter because they realize the importance of how building this free list of followers can dramatically impact their business. Granted, the majority of your followers will never follow you further than Twitter, but if you’re able to build a following of, for instance 2000, and only 1% continue down your little micro-system marketing web, you have another 20 leads right there- for free! And how long does it actually take to update a tweet everyday?

You begin by finding people and following them and generally 50% will follow you back, then your list will build as other find out about you independently. The key is to update everyday, at the peak times when people are home, mornings and evenings-night. One of the great things about Tweets is that you’re bypassing the risk of having emails deleted as you would through an email list, they’re seeing your tweets without having to open that email, so you get instant access to them. If you put something up that speaks to them they will click and find out, and there you go.. another one bites the dust!

Happy tweeting!

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