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Heal yourself by understanding your psychology Part 1

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Posted 29th October 2009 at 05:21 AM by katiepanton

The topic of healthy psychology is very much directly linked to your self-esteem, because the way that you portray your level esteem and confidence to the world is through an external reflection of your inner acceptance and worth. Your psychology determines what states these are in and has a tendency to unconsciously guide your thoughts unless you intervene and consciously control your thoughts and feelings to higher ground than they may to by default, by an accumulation of gathered emotional and physical trauma. When you do nothing to take control and guide your psychology to find and focus on everything beautiful and wonderful in your life it will naturally hone in on every negative memory you have ever had. Human beings have a tendency to focus always on what’s wrong, how things would be better if, blame, shame, punish, self-destruct, grudge-holding, and on and on. Unless you develop your mind by working on yourself and taking care of your whole; your mind, body and spirit, you will fall into mediocrity and ignorance. The only way to free yourself is to understand the latent power you have within you, and understand how to use it in conjunction with the universal laws to get everything you want. Whether you believe in these laws or not is irrelevant; disbelief and ignorance do not hold you exempt from these laws, and if you don’t take time to understand how to use them to your benefit, too often you will have them working against you, unconsciously. I say this with such conviction because they have been proven again and again, through my own personal experience, through the experience of countless other leaders and success stories, known and unknown through the ages, and also because science is now catching up to these theories and proving their power too. If you’re interested then the thing to research is “Quantum physics’ and ‘metaphysics’, both work harmoniously together.
So now we have the groundwork covered, large and small, I’ll focus on psychology on an everyday basis, and how it affects you. Psychological illnesses of any form all limit your self-expression and potentiality, and the majority of the time you don’t even realise it. Many psychological disruptions manifest themselves through the a physical form, some of which including:
- Insomnia
- Narcolepsy
- Anorexia
- Depression
- Irritability
- Migraines
- Bowel and colon inflammation
- Stress
- Skin disorders

These are actually the softer manifestations of psychological disruption, because any illness, most especially the more serious illnesses. The birth of these illnesses happens in your mind, when you stress, worry, hold anxiety, tension, guilt, expectancy of morbid things, etc, you create a chemical reaction in your body caused by the emotions you feel when feeling and thinking about these destructive things. This chemical reaction creates toxicity in your body, promoting mutation in your cells. Knowing that we have a brand new body every 11 months, at the rate we replace cells and change, as our cells are replace, if we are replacing them with mutated cells, caused by the toxicity and harmful chemicals, brought about by your worrying, we create cancerous cells, and other forms of cell mutation which leads to illness. Knowing this allows us to see how we are able to heal ourselves, without medicine, even if we have created the illness. This is done by creating peace and harmony in our body, letting the chemicals and toxicity out of our body so that as our cells reproduce we are reproducing healthy cells again, so we replace the toxic cells, thereby healing ourselves. The way in which we actually do this is done by several things done on a daily basis, which I shall go into in a few minutes.
All illnesses, which are caused by our disruptive emotions, are a product of our natural reaction to what we are focusing on, feel and believe about ourselves. I can’t stress enough how all the power we is held within our minds, and what is so important for you to understand is that you, and only you, are in full control of your mind, you rule your mind, it does not rule you. You can so easily change a negative state by training yourself and growing more conscious of what you are focusing on, and your internal reactions to those things. You don’t have to be a slave to your reactions, you can actually let the things which normally vex you just ride straight over the top of you, and remain in harmony, but it comes from constant training and patience, and whether you can decide to give up the drama and surrender to peace. Whether you can decide to stop getting egotistically involved, very much to your detriment. Be an observer instead instead of a reactor, instantaneously making you a fighter.
Depression is not an illness, it is a state of mind, and it will certainly not be cured by drugs; the problem comes from your focus, physiology and emotion, so drug will just mask the problem by putting you into a dumbed down state meaning that you ultimately lose your personal power and rely on those happy pills, which produce a false chemical reaction in your body- chemical which are not meant to be in your body! Depression is caused by a mixture of what you focus on, believe, how you speak, and most especially hold yourself. You’ll find it very difficult to stay depressed when you stand up tall and straight with your chest out, look up, take the frown away and put a smile on long enough until it feels genuine. Through my own personal experience curing myself of anorexia, low self esteem and depression successfully, these methods are rarely the easiest thing to do; it requires gargantuan effort, patience, strength and perseverance. Sometime you will just feel like you can’t do it and need to give in, but I promise you from my heart that this is not just replicated copy from a book, everything I ever write about is from my own personal experience, because I know it to be true through actual facts, what it requires is discipline and a passion for self-mastery. If you have no desire to heal yourself then you won’t. Without a burning desire to get something done then you have no motive, and nothing ever gets done without a motive. I use depression here as the main example but the method is universal for all illnesses, for instance I had a particularly violent period of suffering with Irritable Bowel syndrome when I was 18, and it manifested because I was overworking at university and not giving myself enough enough physical and mental slack, but also because I knew that it ‘ran in my family’, I just excepted I couldn’t anything about it because it was hereditary so I couldn’t do anything about it. B.S! Once I understood how we control our outcomes, I healed myself and I have never suffered with it since, up to this point making it well over 4 years.
I used depression as an example because I want to portray the immense power of the mind and your own influence over yourself. Depression is the effect, not of the particular circumstances, which you believe to have caused your depression, but your reaction to these events or circumstances. So the way to solve this is to shift your perspective and change the way you view this situation.
Some ways to immediately counter-act your feelings are as follows:
- Stand up tall, straight, confident, and proud. Put a smile and light expression on your face, no it’s not easy and it feels disingenuous, but just do it! When you do it long enough, by surrounding yourself with and listen to the best things for you to soak up in this delicate state, you will soon start changing things.
- Breathe deeply and fully. Breathe slowly and calmly, get full oxygen into your body, brain and blood cells; breathe deeply until your head goes tingly, and then do it some more, you’ll put yourself into a natural state of ecstasy, it’s beautiful.
- Exercise gives you such a natural high and aglow because it creates the endorphin hormone in your body, which is the ‘happy’ hormone! It will give you a clearer mind, much more physical energy, physical fitness, a deeper feeling of well-being, reflection and objectivity. But above all things, there’s nothing like really moving your body and feeling great in your body to rid yourself of negativity. By staying still and not moving all the time you trap in all this bad energy, but by being physical and moving just shakes it out your body by force. This doesn’t mean just a gentle stroll, that doesn’t count, you’ve got to get energetic and get your heart pumping, get sweating and get your heart rate up. If you don’t normally exercise this can seem daunting and put you off immediately, but it’s just a habit to form; break yourself in gently and build up to it, because after a week or two of consistent exercise you will be addicted to how great it makes you feel and you won’t be able to do without it! Some exercise forms include:
- - Walking
- Running/ jogging
- Gym sessions
- Swimming
- Yoga
- Pilates
- Taking up a sport
- Cycling
- Surfing
- Weight lifting
Whatever it is that speaks and appeals to you. This will immediately lighten your heavy load that you carry on your shoulders and blast that black cloud hanging over your head into oblivion. Repeat, repeat, repeat and you will create a habit of feeling great, and the negativity or illness will just dissipate without you even noticing.
Relaxation and inner peace through meditation. Having the ability to relax and gain inner peace through meditation will bring you peace of mind, increased relaxation, happiness, calm and the ability to deal with everyday stresses much more capably and calmly. This new inner calm allows increased productivity because you are quietening the noise in your mind, which causes illnesses, mental clogs, lethargy and distraction. These are the tools to use, are being used, and always have been used to create connection, peace, wisdom, spirituality, success, wealth, enlightenment, healing, creativity and increased happiness. What these methods allow you do to is to access and influence your subconscious mind, which is the source of all your wisdom. Your tolerance and patience for life and others will increase and you will experience peaceful bliss, clarity, calm and genuine happiness. In my own experience it also heals illnesses, both physically and psychologically. Once I started meditating, and getting in touch with my spirituality, I had turned my life, health, psychology, relationships and career around within 6 months.
These are usually best done in the morning upon waking, in your sleepy state before starting your day and letting in the daily challenges. This means that you still have close connection to your unconscious, which you settle into when you sleep, so you are constructing the way you want to feel for the rest of the day. Again at night before you go to bed. This allows you to impress your desires into your subconscious directly before you sleep, allowing your mind to work on it over night. Also because you’re shutting your mind and thoughts down, which are the things which keep you awake and unable to relax. By putting yourself into this relaxed state of mind and shutting off thought, you will naturally fall straight to sleep because meditation is the bridge between consciousness and unconsciousness. I have found personally, as a previous insomniac, I would sleep between 1-3 hours a night. I was a workaholic and I would always be thinking about work, and I was in very shallow sleep when I eventually did. Since meditation I now, quite honestly, fall straight to sleep, for a deep and peaceful 6 hours every week night, without waking, and I have programmed my mind to sleep for another 1-2 hours on a Sunday. Doing nothing more than meditating and keeping my mind peaceful and calm throughout the day. Working from home I am also able to take a half an hour meditation in the afternoon also, which I find brings me back to my centre if I find myself getting overloaded with work.
Imagine everyday when you can ignore the negative news, and design your day from the moment you wake up, maintaining a feeling of inner peace, in inner strength and resilience , patience, determination, excitement and motivation. These are all states which you have to create, they do not just come to you, but if you practice these things you will create these feelings in your own day, which is creating a life filled with deeper meaning, happiness and satisfaction. It’s about training your state of mind and controlling it, not letting it control you by default. Peace and motivation are all states which must be worked on end exercised everyday, if you don’t you will end up in a negative deficit. It takes more work to be happy, it’s too easy to be negative, so happiness, then , is a choice, not a gift bestowed on the lucky from birth.
Continue onto part two for the rest of the article.

For the rest of this article, and more mindset development, to go the article section on my blog at
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