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Heal yourself by understanding your psychology Part 2

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Posted 30th October 2009 at 11:39 AM by katiepanton

The topic of healthy psychology is very much directly linked to your self-esteem, because the way that you portray your level esteem and confidence to the world is through an external reflection of your inner acceptance and worth. Your psychology determines what states these are in and has a tendency to unconsciously guide your thoughts unless you intervene and consciously control your thoughts and feelings to higher ground.
This is part 2 of the 2 part article on this topic. Part one covers how your psychology works, and we started gaining an understanding of what you can do to take charge and heal yourself regarding whatever illness, physical or psychological, and transform your life.
The next method to use is to focus on something really great that you can look forward to/ plan for/ goal set, etc. Create a dream/ vision board of all the things you would like to accomplish and gain in the near and distant future. Get pictures, write down all the things you wish to achieve in terms that you have already achieved it and how great it feels. This attracts it to you, and keeps your eye on the goal. This shift in consciousness, away from your problem simply means that you’re stopping thinking about how depressed/ poorly/ hard done by you are and you focus on something constructive rather than destructive which will bring you joy, a great mood and lift the fog hanging over you by staying stuck thinking about your ailment or issue. Make yourself smile, watch a funny film, laugh, think about a happy memory; focus on feeling good, hold those thoughts and don’t let them go. Actively look for the things which are going to make you feel good to keep bringing more good in. Find music which makes you feel happy, peaceful and inspired. Read books, listen to audios in personal development, watch happy films, be creative in something you love, learn more about something positive which interests you. Every time you notice yourself feeling bad, shout in your head “STOP!”, let those thoughts go and think about your good things again. Gradually the negative will fade away and you will keep welcoming the good in.
Keep creating constant pleasure and happiness in your life, soon you will be in the habit of happiness. All this requires, is for you to take control of your thoughts instead of letting them run wild on their own with you doing nothing to control or tame them. Be conscious of your thoughts and what feelings you get a result of those thoughts. You can create your own happiness. Happiness is not something that you are born with, or that the lucky are blessed with because they have no struggles or reasons to worry, they’re just more conscious and they control their thought patterns and emotions intentionally.
So you can see the power of all these methods together (make sure you have read part 1!). What I have found to be an incredibly useful tool is keeping a daily diary, write down your thoughts, feelings, events of note, and keep tracking things. You will notice very slight and subtle changes happening, so small you will barely notice them, but over the space of 3 months these will all compound and you will see that you’re in the process of changing your life for the better, all through the power of intention. This will truly open your eyes to your inner power and you will start using these methods and learning about them more and more.
Whilst shifting your conscious thoughts you must also shift your beliefs, as your beliefs will either allow you to soar past the moon into the cosmos with your dreams, or lock you in tightly into your self-constructed comfort zone box of false safety. What ever it is that you want in life, you must believe that you can have it. Shift your belief system to support your desires and your abilities. Worrying in what ever form does not help you in anyway, it only makes you feel bad and it wastes time and precious emotion and energy, and who know the repercussions of the effects these things will have on your life and relationships. Whatever is concerning you, write it down, go away from it for 5-10 minutes, read it, then write down everything you can think of to bring positive action to this situation. You can’t take back or fundamentally change an event, which has already happened, but you can decide to change your outcome by taking control of your reactions and thoughts towards the subject.
- What is the situation, which is causing my distress?
- How am I currently reacting to this?
- Is this helping the situation or bringing any healing to the situation?
- How can I view this from a more positive perspective?
- How can I change my actions to improve this situation?
- Will this situation last forever?
- How will this situation affect me in the future, if at all?
- Can I improve this outcome with more effort and humility on my part?
- What can I earn from this experience?
- Who do I know who can offer me support in this situation?
- Am I the only person experiencing this situation in the world?
- Where can I find advice on this topic from others who have been through this before?
- What things do I need to do to bring me comfort, for the highest good, right now?
- What action do I need to take to authority to achieve the highest possible outcome?
The only way to deal with distressing circumstances is to consciously search for solutions by taking control of your mind, thoughts and emotions. Never let fear, doubt, anxiety or panic take hold over you. You must realise that you can choose your reactions, you can take the easy way out and let your automatic emotions run free, or you can use all your strength and effort to harmonise your mind.
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