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What’s the burning desire in your heart?

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Posted 2nd November 2009 at 10:40 AM by katiepanton

Success =
Dream…. burning desire…. motive…. action…. Perseverance.... results…. Success!
Can you believe that today, 2009, is the best time there has ever been up to this point to start walking that road towards your dreams, throwing caution to the wind and going for it in full faith that with the right actions you will receive everything you desire in you heart? This may seem crazy when you think of the economy right now, but when you strip away the immediate illusion of the surface you’ll see quite a different image. The unemployment rate is rising every day, and companies are falling into liquidation everywhere as the houses which were built on quick sand fall through the ground, meaning that the chances of getting any jobs back are minimal, and handouts are scarce because the government has already spent our money. But this means that you have the most liberating option available to your right now, because you can now choose to claim control over your life and take responsibility for your income and happiness, and no longer surrender to big corporations to take care of you anymore.
This is far from the time to panic, recessions have always been, and continue to be the best time to start a new business and thrive. We live in a world of dualities, and where there is always one extreme of loss, there is always the opposite extreme of receiving, the question is, are you looking for the right one? Are you giving in to panic, victimhood, blame and despair, or are you focusing on your dreams, and realising this is finally time where you can start making a difference in not only your own and your family’s lives, but in the world as you put your own art and talents out there to the people who need it?
The internet is the most powerful tool for every business in the world right now. One hundred million new users join the internet everyday, billions of users go to the internet around the globe in search of the solution to their problems. Do you have something that will solve their problem? You work the internet properly and you’ll be set up for life, because you will reach a global market, targeting directly to the people who are looking for you, using a system for your business which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means you’ll be earning money 24/7, giving you time leverage to work on a much more flexible timetable… from home if you want a home business! Imagine the quality of life this will bring to you.
It’s time for us all to go within, stop searching for answers from other authorities and handing responsibility over, but top search within ourselves what it is that our heart beats for. What are you here to do? What makes your heart sing? Do you even know or have you turned the volume to mute over time with your employee conditioning? It’s finally time to turn it back to full volume and start your real mission, the start your real purpose in life. Every body needs something to believe in, what do you believe in? Are those beliefs serving you? Your heart is the steering wheel to your soul, so are you listening and letting your heart guide you, or are you ignoring your internal satellite navigation system, yet wondering at the same time why you’re feeling so lost?
We were all taught in school that to get ahead we need to study hard in school, work in a company, work hard, and retire. Okay so we’ve tried it for a few years, how did it work for you? I didn’t think so. This belief is a myth, life doesn’t have to be such a drag and it doesn’t have to be such a struggle. The people who are the happiest and wealthiest, with enough time and love for their families and their businesses followed their heart, without exception. What stopped you from listening to the dreams you had when you were younger? Life has a way of beating us down and forcing us to be realistic. That is unless you decide that you don’t have to play by the rules, and you stop taking yourself so seriously, and caring so much about what everybody else thinks. The truth is we all have dreams and desires deep down that we don’t tell other people, we all crave to be loved, we all yearn for something to believe in, that this can’t be everything there is. We all hope that one day we’ll get what we want. We all have a human need to be loved and for human connection, even the most hardened person. No matter what life has done to you, underneath all those experiences, it’s all still under there. The new age and personal development industry is the fastest growing industry in the world. Why? Because are starting to see that they hall have unrealised power within themselves that they can use to get everything they want. They realise that by modelling themselves on others who are already successful in those particular areas, and have written books to help others to compound time and reduce the trial error time, that they too can be successful by using proven methods. But also because people need to know that yes, there is something more, there can be a better, more harmonious life than what we are feeling now. That people can pull together and genuinely help each other, and live peacefully and successfully, personally and as a community. Are you ready to find out what you can really do?
What stopped you before? You were scared to go against the grain and risk rocking the boat when everyone else around you was conforming too, getting ‘secure’ jobs, etc, so it seemed obvious for you to do the same. But has it really, deeply fulfilled you? You were scared of taking the risk, scared of failing, scared of being judged, scared to get it wrong. But the best lessons come from making mistakes. Did you learn to ride a bike first try? You fell down, and down and down, but the more times you feel down, the closer you got to succeeding, the stronger you got, and the more determined it made you to succeed. That’s the way it goes in life, so if you can not take yourself seriously enough to not care about falling off a few times and persevering through, you will eventually be successful, and so fulfilled. The facts are that nobody is going to bail you out, nobody is going to take care of you, you must take responsibility, and trust yourself enough that you can handle it. Put yourself in a community of people who are doing exactly the same; helping and supporting each other, there are millions of people globally who are going for it and succeeding, why not you?
It doesn’t matter how old you are, you’re never too old or young for a dream, your heart is ageless, and you have every capability of realising your dream, but you must take action! Believe in yourself, and you can rock the world. If you don’t believe in yourself yet, then contact me, and I’ll believe in you until you see that dreams coming true are real, and very much your right to have too. I would love to help you change your life. If you know where you’re going, then I wish you every good luck from my heart, and I know that if you stay on the road your heart steering you on, you will reach your goal.
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