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Special Book Launch

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Posted 21st March 2009 at 12:02 PM by Kautii

Eating Disordersthe Simple Brain CureCan be Found in the Newest Book
Not Your Mother’s Diet- The CURE for your EATING ISSUES

Eating Disorders book launch: 12 clinical years in the making starting with 20,000 online users holding on to their keyboards to start this eating disorders book launch on May 12th, 2009 on The eating disorder and eating issues’ brain cure unfolds like a long waited cool drink after days in a desert.

Kathleen Fuller, PH.D.,eating disorder expert, award winner and author of Not Your Mother’s DietThe CURE for your EATING ISSUES and President of Center of Life Health Inc., said, “Eating disorders and eating issues are ready to integrally change with pioneer edge tools and experiential techniques that can offer those that are ready a leap into change.”

Coleen A Rehm, Health Coach with Ziquin LLC, said, “I consider Dr. Fuller one of the foremost experts on eating issues in the field. What she addresses in this book can help everyone who wants to get a handle on the relationship they have with food. Her common sense and down-to-earth approach helps reveal the psychology behind many eating disorders and dispels the myths that perpetrate cycles of self-abuse. Her ideas and exercises are engaging and effectively lead readers to new states of consciousness where they can fully love themselves and face the future with joy and optimism about making their dreams come true -- sometimes for the first time in their lives. “

Those that reviewed Not Your Mother’s DietThe CURE for your EATING ISSUES are:

· Rev. Nancy Julian, MSW, MPH Former Administrator of Rural Infant Care Project of Tulane Medical School Non-Denominational Minister and Counselor
· Debbie Johnson Best Selling Author of Think Yourself Thin and Think Yourself Loved
· Caroline Sutherland, Best Selling Author of The Body Knows
· R.D., Longacre, Ph.D., F.B.H.A., Author of Client-Centered Hypnotherapy
· Bill Wolcott Founder, Healthexcel, Inc., Author of The Metabolic Typing Diet
· Jason P. Schwartz, D.C., Holistic Chiropractic Physician
· Georgia Waterbury, Anorexia Survivor

At the same time, many professionals in the field involved with The Dana Foundation and are announcing the power of ideas to change attitudes and announcing research in brain science that confirms that one can change their DNA. Fuller as one eating disorder professional shows the reader in her book Not Your Mother’s Diet, how to change their eating disorderattitudes and their (DNA) genes.

The following is an account of the results using just one brain changing technique of many found in Not Your Mother’s Diet.
Dr. Fuller when you first mentioned the 5 Senses Technique I knew this was something I wanted to do even before I understood what the technique was. And then I had the experience with you. I was very comfortable and hungered for the correction of my DNA. Then when the technique began I felt changes immediately in my brain. With each answer I went deeper into my subconscious. I wanted to journey to the ending to experience the new beginning. And I did. My physical body responded with twitches and body releasing old patterns. I felt both excited and peaceful at the conclusion. One thing that stood out for me is how heavy fear is. It has a weight. The comparison of the feeling after fear was released is one of lightness and a feeling of freedom.
Thank you,
R.C. Retired Nurse

Not Your Mother’s DietThe CURE for your EATING ISSUES presents thebrain cure for all women with an eating disorder or an obsession with their weight and body image. Within this eating disorder book the reader may find that their own eating disorder experience is reflected in the book’s success stories that can lead them to a higher awareness, healing, and freedom. As a road map to an eating disorder cure with peace of mind, Dr. Fuller provides a credible voice.
For more information, please visit http://www.notyourmother’ and sign up for Fuller’s emails and more book launch information.

For more information, contact:
Kathleen Fuller, Ph.D.
Award Winner
Leading Eating Disorder Expert
The Surgeon of The Subconscious TM

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