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Posted 11th August 2009 at 09:28 PM by kaymus

Everybody wants to be great in life, business, ministry, vocation or academics but hardly find the way there. I am always unhappy when people who should have become or should be geniuses today are still struggling very hard to get to their desired positions or destinations in life. In view of my observations and discontentment, it was laid in my heart to write on ‘excellence’ being the major key to greatness.

One major thing must be put into consideration. In fact, it is the central aspect of excellence and what is that? It must begin from your mind. You must fight failure and mediocrity in your mind before you can fight them in the reality. Vince Lombardi said; ‘your success in life will be determined more by the depth of commitment to excellence than by any other factor, no matter your chosen field’. Therefore, aspire as much as you can to be the best in your career or any chosen field you are involved.

Brain Tracy, one of the foremost American geniuses and a philosopher also said; ‘no one is smarter than you and no one is better than you. If someone is ahead of you today, it is because he or she is doing something different from you. In other words, it is not impossible for you to achieve excellence in whatever you bargain for. Don’t you ever settle for mediocrity! An average performance is a limited performance.

Develop a passion for excellent performance. If you have not been taking the first position in whatever you’re doing, it is because you have been sleeping for too long. Wake up from Slumber! Performance is the only basis for promotion. Excellence is measured by action. A child who tops his class is not measured by his family background, nor race, nor psyche, but by the result of his performance in the class. And it didn’t just come by; of course it was followed by action principle. Oritson Swelt declared; ‘make excellence a life rule, to give your best to whatever passes through your hand. Stamp it with your personal character; let superiority be your trade mark’. Therefore develop an unquenchable passion for excellence. Become more committed than ever before to excellent performance. As the saying goes ‘whatever is what doing at all is worth doing well’. This is because people mind and even pay for excellent work or product or service. The world is full of mediocres, but the people in it appreciate excellent products, services or performance. This is the more reason why you can not afford to be a mediocre for life, so get up and get going. The world is really waiting for you!

Excellence is not attained by chance or heritage, it is an art that must be consciously achieved through a conscious and persistent effort. Among others, the following stand as major means through which you attain the position of excellence.

1. Think excellence:

Everything in the reality has its thought antecedent; every action is a product of thought. Every battle in life is won or lost in the arena of thought. “As a man thinketh so is he”. Therefore, you must develop the mindset of excellence for you to attain excellence. In fact, this is the foundation. Think excellent thoughts always. By the time you think in excellent terms, failure thoughts would not be able to penetrate into you. Your life will always move in the direction of your dominant thought. You must break yourself free from those thoughts that limit you in life. You must emancipate yourself from those thoughts that will not move your life forward; thoughts of poverty, failure, sickness, pain, lack etc. don’t set any limitation in your mind. Don’t be limited in your mind, whatever becomes real in your mind, God will make real in your life. So, fill your mind with thoughts of excellence and success always, then you will always exhibit that in the reality.

2. Read books written by excellent minds.

Excellent minds are those great people around you that you can really acknowledge. When you read the books written by these people, you will begin to rub mind with them, you will begin to think the way they think, act the way they act; even some of them who have died their books still transform lives for the better, even the generations after them, like Napoleon Hill, Keneth Hagin, Norman Vincent Peal, (of blessed memmories) and others who are still alive like Dr Mylse Munroe, Bishop David Oyedepo, Brain Tracy, Jim Rohn, Dr Robert Schuller Rev Sam Adeyemi, Anthony Robins, Robert Kiyosaki and Dr Mike Murdock my Daddy (Pst. E. A. Adeboye) and so forth. These people have been there, they should be able to tell you how to get there. Reading according to research affects your thinking, and your thought directly or indirectly affects your performance. So, when you don’t read excellent books how will you have excellent thoughts. Readers are leaders, committed ones are great leaders.

3 Identify your key area of optimum performance.

You must be able to identify an area through which you can perform to your best ability and be recognized. Like my humble self, I can sing, write, act on stage do several other things according to my gifted ability, but I found out that writing brings out the best in me much more than other gifted areas because people are being blessed and they always respond positively beyond measure to my writings with great transformation in their lives upon reading my articles or write-ups.What I am trying to express here is that’s you must clearly identify one skill that can help you most, then concentrate on it, develop your skill and update your knowledge inline with it.

4. Desire it intensely.

This is the core aspect of excellence. What you don’t desire, you don’t get, and even when you get it by serendipity you don’t value nor respect it. You must desire excellence intensely. That is when it can be accepted by your subconscious mind. Then you subconscious mind upon reception can now direct thoughts towards your conscious mind and then bring it into its physical reality.

Having said all, can you now see that you too can attain the position of excellence in your field of endeavor if you can think in terms of excellence, read books by excellent minds, identify an area at which you can perform at the optimum level and desire it intensely! Nothing can stop you if you can do all these.

See you at the top!

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