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Link Building With Your LinkedIn Profile

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Posted 16th December 2010 at 09:48 PM by keepkalm

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networks you can be a part of. Although LinkedIn has been around for several years, I joined before I joined Facebook, it doesn't get the buzz that Twitter or Facebook get.
LinkedIn is a professional networking tool.

Personally I think cocktail parties and mixers are more fun than social networks, but LinkedIn offered a nice way to keep in touch with professional contacts. It defies logic that I know so many people on LinkedIn but I don't know of anyone who actually found a job or an employee through LinkedIn. If you have please comment below.

One of the many benefits to LinkedIn is that it gives you follow links.

Follow links are highly sought after compared to their ugly step sibling the nofollow link. Follow links pass PageRank (PR) and anchor text, nofollow links do not. LinkedIn gives you a follow link provided you use their default anchor text.

My LinkedIn profile has a PR of 3. I doubt this link will help it very much either.
So far I have found, seven out of 500 profiles surveyed with a PR of 4, and <irony>several don't have links, many have used custom anchor text and getting a nofollow.

The best way to boost the PR of a social profile is to use the network. It doesn't matter which medium, Twitter profiles have varying PR values, based on the number of links back to the profile across that network determines how much PR your social profile gets. Of course linking to your profile would also boost your PR. Should may also want to consider using the rel="me" tag also.
LinkedIn connections and other participation will boost your PR. LinkedIn now offers Answers and also has a blog that gives you follow links to your profile for comments.

Don't SPAM. Please. Leave good comments, LinkedIn is a professional network, try to act your age, it's only your online reputation.

Also, if you want a list of high PR blog posts on LinkedIn leave a comment and I'll send you some good posts to comment on to get you started.

Remember, PR isn't everything it's just another metric. And it doesn't get updated very often so don't bother to check it every day or leave dumb comments. Another big component for PR is age, so when you join the network counts too.

At the very least it's up to three follow links if you don't change your anchor text.

Link Building With Your LinkedIn Profile
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