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Insights, advice, suggestion, etc, gleaned from learnings, experiences, falls, laughter, pain, melancholy, happiness, poignancy, and every other shade of emotion that it is possible for a human being to experience.

No promise to post everyday (there may, in fact, be a hiatus of many moons between posts) but I promise that when I do post, the words will be mine, and the insights will be mine, although in a world where learning is ever inter-related, one cannot really tell when others' ideas end and one's own begin.
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Three simple, fast and and easy steps to building a high-profit list with the Warrior forum

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Posted 28th July 2011 at 02:00 PM by kennethtang

Want to know the FASTEST way to start building your list and start making money almost instantly with the Warrior forum?

Here's a simple, bare-bones, no fluff, no hassle way to do it...if you got the guts and the discipline to do it. I came to this conclusion after some observation of the boards as a moderator and personal experience as a subscriber.

It's yours FREE.

If it makes sense to you, use it. If it doesn't, don't. Your choice.

1. Pay for a WSO and offer something free and VALUABLE. Don't offer crap, or off-the-shelf stuff that you got from some PLR dump. People in the Warrior forum can smell it ten miles away.

You can, of course, offer a backend after sign-up

2. Give away something free and VALUABLE in the War Room. Again, don't give away crap. Give quality and uniqueness. Have some class.

NO opt-in form permitted. Must be a direct download, but you can have an offer or an opt-in form for some other free stuff on the download page.

Your choice.

3. Send unique, high-quality and totally helpful information and/or intelligence to that list. Don't just keep on emailing and emailing every new offer or affiliate-WSO product to the list. If you do, people will leave.

I've unsubbed from umpteenth lists that started quite well in the WSO section. Even some of the WSO that sells stuff and make buyers opt-in are nothing more than thinly-disguised (and monetized) attempts at getting people on their lists so that the can email them to death with WarriorPlus affiliate links and offers.

(Note: WarriorPlus is a great system. It's only the list-poopers who are doing it wrong and doing both subscribers and themselves disservice, not to mention the entire forum)

Want an idea of what real, high-quality e-newsletters look and read like?

Look no further than our very own Paul Myers' TalkBiz News.

Good stuff. Has that mind- and idea-expanding quality. Great for stimulating that gray-matter between the ears.

If you can do it like that (but if you don't want to, you don't have to write as much content as that or as long), I wouldn't mind receiving promos from you. Heck, I'd even look forward to buying FROM you or through your affiliate links.

More good stuff:

a) Marlon Sanders' "Marlon's Marketing Minute"

Great for learning new (and old) stuff about HOW to sell very well online.

b) Ken Evoy's 5 Pillar Reports

While it's written primarily for his own affiliate force, this newsletter's great for "intelligence" about the latest happenings that are impacting online business

So, here's what you do:

1. Pay for a WSO and offer something free. Have backend after sign-up, if you want.

2. Give away something valuable in the War Room. have a related offer or sign up on the download page if you want, but the free offer must be a direct download.

3. Send quality information or intelligence to your new list, along with selective offers.

4. Pocket (or bank) the money

5. Send me some
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    Thank you, Kenneth. Your clear and concise article will help me do things right. The information sources you offered at the end were an unexpected treat.

    I'll look forward to my next read!

    Best regards,

    Anthony Chavez
    The Best Copy Writer in California
    (Believe IT!)
    Posted 11th September 2015 at 05:38 PM by MyCopySells MyCopySells is offline

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