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"I Am Without A Home..."

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Posted 6th January 2009 at 02:26 AM by kennethtang

...but I am not without dignity. It may be shattered in some way, in tatters from the slings and arrows of (mis)fortune, but my dignity remains. I just need a listening ear and an understanding heart and a helping hand to help me keep it up"

That may very well be the cry of every homeless person in the world.

Hard as it is, the worst thing is not the being without a roof over one's head. It's the feeling of "shame", the loss of dignity that comes from feeling so utterly useless and powerless in the face of such grim prospects.

When a man or woman cannot provide for shelter, it strikes a deep, deep wound at the very heart of one's identity and dignity. Shelter is a very fundamental need for any creature, let alone a human being, and when one cannot provide it, it eats away at the soul of the human being, stripping him of his very humanity, making him feel like an utter failure.

It's not a nice feeling, believe me.

I cannot know for sure what the situation is like in the United States about the homeless; I don't have the statistics, nor the ability to find out. But these people at, it seems to me, are doing something about it.

As I said earlier, the homeless may be without shelter, but they're not without dignity: human beings, they cling still to hopes and dreams. Help, if you can
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