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Musings, mumblings and meditations on business, life, internet marketing, web life, and everything else in between.

Insights, advice, suggestion, etc, gleaned from learnings, experiences, falls, laughter, pain, melancholy, happiness, poignancy, and every other shade of emotion that it is possible for a human being to experience.

No promise to post everyday (there may, in fact, be a hiatus of many moons between posts) but I promise that when I do post, the words will be mine, and the insights will be mine, although in a world where learning is ever inter-related, one cannot really tell when others' ideas end and one's own begin.
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Get Into The "War Room"

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Posted 16th June 2009 at 02:59 AM by kennethtang


No matter how long you've been here or how new you are, you need to get your butt over to the War Room

If you don't, you're missing out on a heck of gold mine. Allen's section alone, entitled " My Ideas, Strategies & Plans" is worth way more than a lot of stuff being sold "out there"

Here's a little example from just one of the posts: "Need A Product"? Powerful concept. But simple. Do it and you've got a winner

BTW, I recommend War Room members re-read that.

Long ago I said that I love Allen's writings. Simple, powerful, and eminently usable. I said I never tire of reading what he writes, even the "ancient" ones (circa 1997). Every time you read them, they sparks some ideas.

Well, in the War Room, I/we have a virtual Temple Of Knowledge where one can spend entire days without getting tired or bored, and "meditate" and "see the light" of marketing enlightenment...hehehe (too poetic?)

Git in here, pardnuh!
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