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I'm Kevin Chapman, an internet marketer who wants to help people struggling and beginners in the internet marketing/make money online industry.
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3 Ways To Engage Your Twitter Followers - With Instant Results!

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Posted 24th July 2013 at 07:48 AM by KevinChapman

Twitter isn’t about how many people follow you, it’s about how you connect with the ones that do, what’s the point in having a huge following of thousands when they don’t care what you are tweeting about. You are better off spending your time trying to connect with your followers, trying to make them interested in what you post and most importantly converting twitter followers to website viewers! So how do we do this? It’s really rather simple but it’ll take time and effort to engage your followers so you need to be prepared for a bit of hard work! Here we go :

1. Reply, Retweet, Mention!

Interact with your followers, there’s no point just tweeting, even if what you are tweeting is interesting, useful and funny, a lot of users will only read your tweets if they know you. So talk to people, if one of your followers says something interesting, reply, and better still reply with a question, hopefully they’ll reply back to you and you can start a twitter relationship with them. Retweeting is another way to get noticed, if someone retweets me I see it as a huge compliment so I’ll often remember their name or say thanks, which can spark a conversation. Don’t be afraid to start the conversation either, admire one of your followers? Ask them a question, compliment them, say something they’ll struggle to resist replying too!

2. Be Careful What You Post!

No one likes a moaner, if you are having a bad day keep it to yourself, you don’t want to get a bad reputation for being negative on social media, don’t be overly positive either. It’s okay to criticize but do it in a constructive manner. So what should you post? Keep your tweets interesting, provide value to your followers, ask questions, be friendly and get to the point, which isn’t too hard on twitter! Share funny photographs, interesting videos and useful articles that you find and enjoy yourself and most importantly share links to your own website or blog. I always share my newest blog posts on twitter and it gets me a lot of traffic and because I am providing value my followers appreciate the links.

3. Be Polite and Join In!

If someone tweets you or sends you a direct message have the decency to reply to them, even if the follower doesn’t seem like a big player in your field or what they say doesn’t interest you. You never know what could happen in the future, right now they might be a nobody but in years to come they could be someone you want to be in contact with. Twitter has many little quirks, one of them being Follow Friday - It is a chance for everyone on twitter to share those people who inspire them and encourage other twitter users to follow them too. Just use the #FF hashtag and explain why you enjoy that users tweets, often they’ll reply to your tweet or return the favour, it can get conversation flowing or gain you more followers!

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