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Recruiting to Grow Rich vs. Recruiting - What is the Biggest Difference?

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Posted 21st April 2010 at 02:53 PM by KhadijahChapman

Separating the good from the great.

Ever read the book Think and Grow Rich, by Napolean Hill. One of the most read books by any and everyone who wants to learn how to develop wealth for themselves. Well for those who are in the multi-level marketing and network marketing arena, recruiting is also a life blood to those industries.

The key to amassing great success is in the lifeline of being able to recruit and that goes for any arena. Some marketers don't like the word recruit, or the word sale, however that is exactly what you need to master in order to be have a successful business. Dealing in straight talk, if you can't recruit, which is a part of 'selling' someone your industry, then you won't sustain longevity in your chosen arena.

However, we must understand the dynamics behind recruiting, and it is to care. There person(s) who understand that we are in a people building relationships arena will have the best success and the best chance of recruiting to grow rich,
In addition, The key to recruiting is to be able to put a duplicate-able hands off system in place that is manageable for anyone who becomes your business partners. Most people in the marketing arena's fail because they don't really master this one simple rule. In the network and or multi-level arena's you only get paid when you successfully recruit and sell individuals into your business, so they have to be mastered.

Recruiting is not hard; it's more a matter of the mindset of knowing how to connect with individuals who are looking for exactly what you have. Many people who are searching the internet don't know exactly what they need or even want, however they do know basic principle things like, wanting a better lifestyle than the one they have now. Wanting to be in position to buy their time back and do the things that they are passionate about. And everyone is looking for someone to connect with. Someone they can trust, someone they feel they can follow. Someone that can show them how to obtain their goals. The person who will win the challenge will be the one that they like. It won't have much to do with the company or the products, but more to do with you, the "recruiter".

Recruiting is an art. The best way to recruit is to set up systems where individuals get to browse at what you are offering and for those who want a more indepth view, give them something to think about and ultimately talk about. And most important make sure that its clear that you are a person who cares about them, the person first. People don't care about what you know, until they know how much you care. In addition, in the business of internet marketing, a person's sales page, landing page, website and or blog is many times a person's first impression of what it is that you are selling to your possible recruit. There is a formula to ensuring that with everyone who visits your 'commercial' will hang on to every word that you say and be willing to catch every pitch you throw, as long as you make sure that they understand that you can deliver.
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