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Simple Law Of Attraction Steps That Work

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Posted 30th July 2012 at 02:13 PM by Khemba

For those of you that know of me you'll know that it was'nt that long ago that I was suddenly made homeless and living in a one room apartment

I don't consider my life to be that of a typical rags to riches story, but for sure I have encountered what can be described as having "hit rock bottom". Maybe you've been there and can identify with me.

Suffice to say I won't delve into how I found myself at such a low ebb - Instead I want to share with you here and throughout my other blogs, what critical actionable steps I took to get me out of dodge and onto a journey of success and happiness

I feel so compelled to share with you today because I am sooo HAPPY!! and I want you too be too!

From my lonely single room with only my books (Thank you Tony Robbins) and tired portable TV - I started to write my story, not my story of how things were with me at that time - but of how I wanted things to be.

If you want to take your life to the next level - I challenge you to write your story.

What did I write?

I wrote about my ideal home including the decor, furnishings, amount of rooms - and equally if not more importantly, as I wrote I generated feelings of passion and desire in my words sometimes near to tears!

I wrote in great detail what services I would be providing in order to make money and exactly how much money I would be making.

I described the rooms, my ideal neighbours and even the detail of my beautifully landscaped garden - By now I'm sure you get the drift

In short I kept writing and describing things in detail until I was satisfied!

Why don't you go-ahead now, put pen to paper and give it a try, you really have nothing to lose and at the very least you will find it to be an extremely therapeutic experience.

Create the new life that you deserve!

Finally and probably the most important tip for today is this:

Before you retire to bed each night - read whatever story you've written and lull yourself to sleep with these positive visuals in your mind!

My friend this is how "The Law Of Attraction" works!

Do keep a look out for other blogs from me to learn and see how I have made "The Law Of Attraction" work for me and how I make money online by helping other people achieve their goals.

Thoughts Become Things.

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