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Impact of Reverse Directory on Small Business

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Posted 26th April 2011 at 05:24 AM by Khondoker

Tracking a phone number

While tracking a phone number three year back, Alen got this idea. An idea that boosted his business in ten folds. He always thanks his luck that he could pick this up by chance.
Alen owns a small flower shop at the corner of his small town and was doing okay. There are other flower shops around, and he has to compete with them to keep his customers loyal. Their town is small and he is a local boy, so he knows most of the customers.
Three years back while tracking a phone number he got at his caller Id. It was a cell phone number without a name or address, and only God knows why he became so curious to discover the caller tracking the phone number.
Tracking the phone number was not that easy. He did not find it at phone directory or white pages. Disappointed, he turned to reverse phone directory spending almost $ 15. The phone number reverse look up came out with the caller’s particulars.
Alen was disappointed at first. After spending $ 15 to track a phone number Alen came to know that the caller was merely a new supplier to his shop. No big deal. He cursed himself for being so stupid, and then he noticed something that changed the course of his small business.
Tracking a phone number with a reverse directory allowed Allen a detailed report on the caller. There he noticed something that he could use at his advantage. At the report provided by the reverse directory the reverse look up company provided a bunch of information of the owner of the number. Date of birth was one of them.
Alen immediately made up his mind how he is going to take advantage of it. He took a yearly membership paying only around $ 40 that allowed him to reverse look up unlimited times. He used this opportunity to find out date of birth of his customers and their families. Although he knew the name, address and telephone numbers of most of the customers.
With the report provided by the paid online reverse directory, Alen made a database of date of birth of all his customers, and anybody stepped in his shop. His database grew to a huge list. A week or so prior to the date he used to send a card to the person whose birth date is approaching. He used to send a card in advance wishing a very happy birth day.
This has done a miracle to his business. What he expected happened. The person he wished almost always visited his joint for flowers. Moreover, they stick to him rather than going to his competitors, whenever they needed flower.
Merely tracking a phone number using an online paid reverse directory unexpectedly opened the door of success for Alen. He took full advantage of the report provided by the reverse directory. His database has grown to a huge list and still growing.
Reverse Phone Number Lookup: How To Use
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