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On Line Home Business: Promises are there but where is the money

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Posted 24th June 2009 at 08:47 PM by Khondoker

I am not a native Englishman so I have no ability to produce thousand tricky persuasive sentences so that my reader buys my product. I only have ability to disclose my online experience to my reader in plain simple English and that’s what I am going to do.

Like I said I am not an American nor from any first world country rather I am from a third world country where internet facility is relatively new. Receiving tips from a friend that if I can use internet properly I could earn a modest living out of it, I started my online journey. But I knew nothing about computer but simple operating. The first step I took was the hard one. Registering with some free online job providing companies like,,, etc. Most of the companies were offering technical jobs like programming, web site designing etc. So I stick with, where few non-technical jobs were advertised. Registering free was not that easy. To qualify to bid at I had to pass 2 exams in 4 attempts. After that I started to bid for non-technical jobs like data entry. Over hundred bidding I got a fixed priced job worth $ 50. I had to work day night 12 days straight to finish it and it paid me only $24. I understood computer newbie has no chance making a living out of this system though Programmers and Web site designers can earn some money through this system after much hard work.
Then I thought may be getting jobs from free job provider companies may be relatively hard compared to paid job provider companies and it would be easier to get jobs at higher price from paid online job providing companies. So I tried for paid online job Companies. I subscribed one company called which was offering data entry job and survey job at lucrative prices from $5-$50 per hour. It cost me $ 7 to subscribe for seven days trial membership and $49.90 for one months subscription. My hard earned $24 eaten up along with $ 33 (+ service charges+ currency conversion charges) of my sister who gave her credit card to use. I found out it is totally a hoax. They were sending me emails everyday saying: Aminul, Data entry job available at $ 30 per hour or Aminul, earn $ 25 per 10 minutes survey today but when I logged in the site using my membership Id, I checked every corner and find no such jobs. There was some article writing jobs hanging in as show, if you bid that jobs it appears that the jobs will be finalized after one month that means I have to renew my subscription for another month paying another $49.90 to get a Article job god knows on what subject. Loosing $ 57 was more than enough. No way I could afford another $49.90 behind a hoax. So I gave up.

Next I paid attention to survey jobs. I registered with a number of free survey companies to learn that these surveys are for US, Canada and to some extend to UK, Australia and countries like that. Actually, survey on a specific subject needs special qualification. General people don’t have those quality and only can do opinion survey on a specific product. To have opinion on their products the product companies pays through Survey Companies. If the company does not market the product nor had no intention to market it to our country or region, why they would care to pay for an opinion on their products from this region! It perfectly makes sense. Though there are few International Survey Companies. If you register with them they will send for surveys by mail once or twice a month worth $ 1 or mostly some credit points which could be converted to money or special prize draw. Certainly I was not looking for these.
There are hoax in the survey companies too. I registered free with a company named A.W. Surveys. They paid $ 6 just for registering. After I logged in their site they showed me 4/5 pair of web sites and I gave my opinion on each. Each pair of web site paid me $4. I gathered $27 within an hour. But when I tried to transfer the money they say money is transferable only I can make altogether $75. So I waited for new surveys to appear. But days passed no new survey appeared. I thought may be it is monthly scheme and they will give new paid surveys next month so I waited a month. Next month I got only one new paid survey worth of $1 and no more. So no way to make $75! But yes, they provided a way to make $75. They pay $1.25 for every referral from me signs up to their company. I have already $28 and if I can refer 38 persons to them I easily can gather $75 and can transfer the money to my account. And what they will do with these 38 referrals! I had the answer immediately after I signed up with that company revealing to them my email address. A company named Aweber began to bomb my inbox with tons of sales letters and newsletters of different products and free e-books everyday. So I gathered this survey company has only one intention, gathering more mail address so that they can market their product. By the way, later I found that the company I mentioned earlier (where I was cheated $ 57) also belong to this Aweber group. This was the end of my venture of paid survey.

At the internet for 7 months, days and nights, one thing I was beginning to understand that I have to have my own web site or at least my own blog. To create a blog is easy through Google but I am not a writer nor have any specific knowledge on a specific subject so that people will read my blog. So I discard the idea of blogging. I don’t know HTML or whatever skill required designing a web site so I began to wonder how I will make my own web site!

I began to search internet for free web site designing tools and luckily got one. I downloaded the software successfully. But I must admit I was so novice that I could not use it properly to make a full fledged web site as I like.
The web site designing tools software I down loaded was designed by a person named Ewen Chia. I had to disclose my mail address to download the software. Now this Ewen Chia started to bombard my inbox with numerous sales letters and free E-books. I was reluctant to read his letters. Sometimes I opened his mail most of the time I didn’t. The reason of my reluctance may be I could not make proper use of his tools! After sending me sales letter for two months everyday this Ewen Chia must be fed up and referred me to a person named Stone Evans who is running successfully a program named Plug-In Profit Site. Studying this program immediately I understood this will work for me and I was waiting and searching program like this for last six months. I am very thankful to Ewen Chia that he gave me this lead I was waiting for so long. The program is a package of 5 affiliate companies with residual commissions.
Even I thought that this system will work for me, I did not subscribed it immediately. I spent at least 3 months examining the program. I became member to a number of home business forums. There I discussed about the program asked question, participated in the discussions and finally I came to a decision to subscribe for it.

This is not a free program and need some money. I mean foreign currency. I have two sisters and one brother abroad, especially my youngest sister extend her helping hand like always giving her credit card so that I can pay out the program. Now I have a personal web site, I named it, others can see it but only I can edit, add or deduct anything I like. The web site comes with five products ( or subscriptions) sale of which will give me a residual income I.E. one sale will give me a one time commission and one commission per month as long the purchaser keeps the subscription. You can see my site at and subscribe for my free newsletter to understand the program or you can download free Affiliate Marketing E-book “Dotcomology” from my site.

If you want to have all the products application paper in one place it will be convenient for you to follow the link I am providing below
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