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Why EzineArticles is Not That Affected by the Google Farmers Slap

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Posted 28th February 2011 at 10:21 PM by kindsvater

There is a lot of interesting speculation about who the winners and losers are from Google's major algorithm change targeting content farms.

Several big SEO firms claim EzineArticles is one of the big losers and that it has lost 90 percent of its high search rankings.


Using that information I wrote a Google Farmers SEO Update on one of my other blogs. That post has a lot of SEO information so you may want to check it out.

But now I am going to possibly backtrack a little bit after the past few days and more statistical information becomes known.

If you check out the Alexa Rankings for EzineArticles you will see that since February 24th the site has lost traffic. But the loss is only about 7 to 10 percent.

Alexa also indicates that search only accounts for a quarter of EzineArticles traffic.

If so, then it is impossible for Google's SEO change to have a huge impact on EZA.

So while I was initially thinking of dumping EZA, with this new information I am rethinking. More than that I submitted a new article today.

This is worth paying attention to, even though I generally consider Alexa stats to be worthless and highly skewed to IMers with the Alexa toolbar installed. More 'regular' people have never heard of it.

Maybe what this will mean is that EZA's IM-related traffic will not suffer. Or maybe it means its traffic stats are being supported because people are checking out the site to see what it has to say about being drop-kicked in Google.

Right now, only time will tell. But it is still too early to write off EzineArticles.
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