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Avoiding the Mistake of Assuming Your Readers Know What You Know

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Posted 30th December 2012 at 08:50 AM by kindsvater

I recently wrote a blog post about vacation autoresponders and how they differ from autoresponder programs like AWeber.

Here, I want to expand upon the reason for such a post - a concept useful for many marketers.

That is, simply, you can never understimate the lack of knowledge someone may have on a topic.

The difference between AWeber and a vacation response - oh that is easy and something you know is "obvious." But, was it is obvious the first time you heard of an autoresponder? Nope.

This is an easy mistake to make and one I make all the time: assuming.

You also cannot assume someone will simply search on Bing for the answer to a question, or to better understand a concept.

A good strategy is to have your article or information about a topic, and then either have a separate FAQ page, or hyperlink several keywords to another web page where a definition or more information can be found.

This way, you provide the expert information for your target audience, but also get newbies up to speed and avoid mistakes by assuming they know what you know.

For my original blog post, it was because I find some people buy autoresponder programs and wonder why they cannot install their vacation messages on their computer!
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    quickregister's Avatar
    I run into this all the time when talking to people about autoresponders who do not know what they are. For some reason it is a hard concept for people to get. I even wrote an entire blog post "What is an autoresponder" just to address this. I think there are people who "get" autoresponders and those who may never.
    Posted 29th November 2015 at 08:12 PM by quickregister quickregister is offline

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