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How to Get Free Forum Traffic

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Posted 15th March 2013 at 09:10 AM by kindsvater

There are many ways of getting free traffic from forums:

1. Links in your signature.

2. Links in forum posts.

3. Links in your profile.

4. Links in blog posts.

Links in Forum Signatures

Forum signatures are a common method of getting traffic to your site. Note the topic of this post is getting traffic - not creating a backlink.

If you are only looking for a backlink then your contribution to the forum is likely to be average to poor.

This is the province a spammers and a reason why many forums have taken action such as banning signatures, prohibiting links, or making links nofollow.

To generate useful traffic from your signature two things need to happen.

First, your signature needs to be compelling. Consider it a mini-ad where general marketing rules apply.

Second, your posts and forum contributions need to be quality so readers will look at your signature and have reason to check out your website.

Links in Forum Posts

Including a link to your own website in your own forum post is only appropriate where relevant. As a general rule, creating a thread for the self-serving purposing of posting a link to your own site is often considered spam or too commercial for many forums.

It can be done. For instance, every so often there is a post on the Warrior Forum about where to get legal forms. I will respond with a link to my website. I will also include in my post links to some of my competitors!

This is done to ensure my post is not simply considered self-serving advertising, but an attempt to provide useful information to the person asking the question.

It just so happens some of the useful information is mine.

Per FTC rules and good practice, I also make sure I indicate which site is mine so bias is obvious to someone reading the post. (FYI: my site is the Internet Marketing Law Center)

Links in Your Profile

Many forums allow users to register and include information about themselves, including a link to their website.

These are known as profile links and are commonly abused by spammers.

Some forums don't care. Some forums will ban delete accounts make solely to generate profile backlinks.

Whether the search engines give much value to profile links any more is a subject of debate. I think they do. They don't generate traffic.

But there is often another, usually overlooked place in a profile where a link can be placed. This is a place where the link is included within content and given context so that it can generate some traffic to your site.

Typically, the amount of traffic will be less than a signature link and a lot of quality forum posts, but I have seen traffic from this method.

I call it VLINKS and you can get my report here.

For some reason, this opportunity remains virtually overlooked by those marketing on forums.

Links in Blog Posts

You are reading an example of how to get traffic from blog posts.

Most forums do not have blogs due to spammers, but some do. And when they do, it seems as if users ignore them.

For example, the Warrior Forum. There are hundreds of thousands of members and thousands who regularly post on the forum.

Yet, how many create blog posts like this one?

I suspect one reason is a lack of ability to prepare decent information versus a desire to spam for quick backlinks.

Another may be it is always better to put content on your own site that you control. Who knows, this blog feature of the forum may disappear tomorrow.

But for now, forums often are valued by the search engines as authority sites, have good PageRank, and information is indexed quickly.

Why wouldn't you take advantage of that?

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