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Links and Traffic from Amazon

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Posted 8th May 2013 at 07:40 PM by kindsvater

Here is an indirect method to get links and traffic from Amazon to your website

Step 1: Create a valuable report and upload it to Amazon using Kindle.

Step 2: Use your keywords in the title of your report.

Here is an example of a report I recently uploaded:

California Non-Compete Agreements - Employee Survival Guide: Brian Kindsvater: Kindle Store

Step 3: Include links in your report back to your website.

That was simple!

In the example above there are links in my report to my websites, where someone can fill out a form and contact me. There is additional contact information in the report.

Although the links in the report obviously have no "SEO" value, that is not their purpose. They exist to get me traffic.

The report is a lead generator for my legal services.

By using keywords in the title we are making use of Amazon's power with Google to leverage Amazon for our SEO. Instead of trying to rank a website that brings traffic to our site, we are using Amazon to get a good ranking and traffic.

I am charging a fee for my report. But you can offer your report for free. I am charging a fee to eliminate free advice hunters since they are a huge drain on my time. But if you are looking to get traffic to a page where a product is offered or promoted, instead of a service based offer, this will likely not be an issue for you.


1. Use Amazon's ranking authority with Google to target keywords you want to rank for.

2. Within your report include links to your websites.

3. Make sure your report is valuable, and is not PLR or duplicate content, or Amazon will nuke your Kindle account.

How it works:

X searches for something in Google, and sees your report ranking high because it is listed on Amazon. X reads your report, sees you know what you are talking about, and follows the links in your report to your website.

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  1. New Comment
    BucsaEmanuel's Avatar
    I never thought about Amazon as a source of traffic, but I have been thinking about writing articles or so called reports for a while now.

    Just a quick question: what's the average word count for one of these reports?
    Posted 9th May 2013 at 06:21 AM by BucsaEmanuel BucsaEmanuel is offline
  2. New Comment
    There are 8400 words in the report I referred to. It could be considered a mini-book, but as an in-depth legal report about a subject, the number of questions people commonly have, and providing answers to those questions, dictated the length.

    You may want to download several free marketing reports, or reports in your niche, to compare their content and word counts.

    "Kindle" does not mean you need buy a Kindle to read them. There is a free Kindle reader to download to a computer, which is what I use.

    I have read several Kindle downloads available from Amazon that were less than 10 pages. Even though they were free, I was left a little disappointed because they were short and generic. I think you can really stand out and get traffic by not doing what everyone else does, but by making sure your content is better and more specific.
    Posted 11th May 2013 at 01:11 PM by kindsvater kindsvater is offline
  3. New Comment
    BucsaEmanuel's Avatar
    I read my Kindle books both on my Windows Phone when I'm on the go, and on my computer.

    I've read free e-books, but like you said, they are way too generic. Something needs to be done about this

    Being mostly in the tech niche, I'm all about specifications, so I think I'll do better when it comes down to providing specific information which actually adds value to the reader.

    Sometime in the near future, I'll get down to actually starting my own minibook, or, even better, a collection of minibooks and sell them at .99 cents each.
    Posted 11th May 2013 at 01:27 PM by BucsaEmanuel BucsaEmanuel is offline

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