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Make Money from $1 Products?

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Posted 26th August 2014 at 10:25 AM by kindsvater

I've recently posted two WSOs, each just a buck:

Warrior Dollar Deal #1 - Get a Legal Privacy Policy - News Laws in Effect for 2015

Dollar Deal #2 - Product Review Formula - How to Create Money Making Reviews that Google also Loves

With a $20 posting fee how is this profitable?

Here is how it works:

1. Direct Product Sales

Both products are at least break even on their sales. The privacy policy even though legit legal / business products are notoriously slow movers on the WSO section.

The product review product quickly broke even within an hour after being posted.

I should also note the product review product was posted in the morning, which in my experience is a much better time slot than late evening, when the privacy policy product was listed.

2. Indirect Product Sales

Each report has within it a link to buy another product.

This is a more expensive, but related product. It is not an upsell or OTO.

For example, in the privacy report is an offer for membership in my $147 Internet Marketing Law Center.

I did make a sale which means the break-even from just listing a $1 product made me money after including the additional membership purchase.

3. Compound Advertising

Although each WSO on the forum costs $20 to post, at the end of sales letter I am including links to each of the dollar deals.

This helps draw eyeballs and potential buyers to each product without having to pay to bump each WSO individually.

It is a technique I have used for years but rarely see anyone else do.

In effect, for 2 WSOs both can be mentioned for $20. For more products the amortization cost continues to decrease.

The ultimate goal is someone checks out one product for a buck, realizes there are other dollar deals, then goes and buys a few more.

Suddenly, it is no longer a dollar purchase but more.

This strategy requires that you have multiple products.

4. Email Offers

Each WSO is setup so that after purchase the buyer is offered an opportunity to subscribe to a newsletter of mine. This list is handled by AWeber and the only way to get on it is to buy a product and be presented with the offer.

The newsletter has numerous freebies and strategy ideas. It also includes offers for more of my products. Every once in a while there is also an affiliate offer for a product I recommend.

This ongoing revenue stream from the newsletter has been proven profitable.

5. SEO

This is not obvious, but I am selecting specific keywords to use as the title and headline for these offers. The offers are mainly text instead of fancy graphics.

The reason is to draw free search traffic.

The Warrior Forum is an authority forum in its niche and regularly ranks high for certain searches. By using this technique I am taking advantage of the forum's dominant status to position offers that can also draw buyers as the result of free SEO.

End Result

The final result from initial direct sales on the forum, indirect products sales from offers listed in the report, compound advertising, and subsequent emails is a profitable sales system - even though the initial product is just a buck.

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