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The Coming MOBE MTTB MLM Pitchfest

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Posted 8th September 2014 at 04:37 PM by kindsvater

Every year there seems to be another MLM scam ready to suck the few pennies remaining from the desperate.

Last year it was the Empower Network, which mostly had to be banned from the forum. You don't hear too much about it any more. Even the "true believers" have disappeared, likely when they gave up making monthly payments.

Now, it is MOBE MTTB. Basically, this is an expensive MLM program which, surprise surprise, touts itself as a marketing training program.

They all do. Why? Because it is amorphous and the training is online which means it can be provided for free. It is how illegal pyramid schemes work to get around not having a product to sell. They claim the product is marketing training.

I have now seen 4 marketers recently tout this newest MLM du jour, including someone pitching it as a WSO and in the War Room. All wanting to make their money back by getting you to sign up so they make a commission. Some of these marketers have big lists so it's easy money for them. OMG, I have seen this over and over. Do you remember when the Rich Jerk got a huge list from selling his ebook and then made a MLM pitch? The downline was huge. Today? Crickets. Call me Nostradamus, but in my opinion that is where this latest one is going too.

If you see anyone pimping an online MLM program based on marketing, trying to get you to sign up you should do what I did: immediately unsubscribe from their emails.

Here's the deal and the simple fact:

If there is a marketing and training program worth its salt, and it had better be worth its salt if you are going to fork over thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars to promote it, then it should make you a world class marketer being able to sell a PRODUCT.

If someone is coming to you promoting a make money program, and the way they are making money is to get you to sign up, then it's not worth its salt.

It is a vicious cycle where you, to get your money back, now need to find others to sign up so you get a commission from their payments. And so on.

That is why you see these MLM programs bubble up every so often. Quickly, and then they die out as most everyone starts losing money. Someone claims they have made a ton of money, others climb on board hoping to do the same, and then their tentacles are everywhere as every signup tries to get others to sign up.

This is why they are often pyramid schemes and illegal. After a few layers of signups you start running out of people on the planet to signup and almost everyone loses their money.

Here's a dirty secret - sometimes those claiming to have made a lot of money - haven't. Here's another dirty secret - sometimes those claiming to have made a lot of money as "independent" affiliates are actually owners getting a cut of the action from pimping the program to their list.

I'm not saying MOBE MTTB does this, but it happens, and it happens in industries beyond IM.

Try this: if you see someone promoting an Internet marketing MLM program ask to see how they have used the training to sell a different product or service. Ask if they are including a link they make money from.

Now, compare MOBE MTTB to long-standing training programs like SiteSell where you can find thousands of websites promoting tons of different products after someone has learned to do marketing. Big difference. Imagine if everyone graduating from Harvard did not get real jobs or start their own businesses, but were out with affiliate links trying to get more people to sign up to Harvard and that is how they made their living. Do you think that would influence your perception of the value of the opportunity? Where the opportunity is really just selling the opportunity?

Bottom line: Christmas is coming up. Don't lose money you need to buy presents for loved ones by signing up for an MLM program thinking you are going to get rich quick. You're not.

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    There is a lot of truth in what you say and i can`t disagree with you!
    Posted 29th August 2015 at 12:10 AM by Robert02011 Robert02011 is offline

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