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Frank Kern Was Wrong ...

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Posted 2nd February 2015 at 11:38 AM by kindsvater

Frank Kern infamously said there are only three ways to get more money. Kern is not the first to say this, and won't be the last, and everyone who says it is dead wrong.

Here we go:

1. Get More Customers

2. Sell More to Existing Customers

3. Increase Frequency of Purchase

Frankly, in my book #2 and #3 are essentially the same. So Frank Kern really only has a couple ways to make money.

I have another - and it's a lot easier than anything Kern suggests. We'll call it the fourth way:

4. Spend Less

Here's an absolute math fact: the money is the same whether you make more or spend less. A dollar is your bank account is not worth more simply because you acquired it instead of not spending it.

One of your biggest expenses (probably your biggest expense) is taxes. Cut your taxes and it's instant money in your pocket.

One reason I mention this is because someone just bought one of my tax products and during the Super Bowl was so excited he had to let me know about the $30,000 the product saved him. Yes - $30,000.

What do you think is easier? Going out and finding more customer, selling more to them, and getting them to buy more frequently? Or spending a few minutes implementing a tax savings strategy that puts money in your pocket year after year after year?

Check out my latest tax product: Tax Cut Hero and discover the fastest and easiest way to guarantee you will have more money.

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