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When to Give out a Review Copy

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Posted 7th February 2015 at 07:46 AM by kindsvater

If you have ever sold a marketing product you have likely received requests for a review copy. Also known as a freebie.

When should you give out review copies?


If your product is new and you do not have any testimonials then you should strongly consider giving out a review copy.

You will want to evaluate who is asking. Some who ask for review copies only want a free product and will never provide a review. Dealing with fraudsters can be frustrating. But others will provide a review and what they say can be worth gold and be many times more valuable than losing out on a sale.

Most products make more sales as a result of having reviews and testimonials. You only need a few and it often does not matter who is giving the review.


Other times a prospective affiliate will request a review copy.

I recently received a few requests for one of my products, Elf Links, and in this situation who is making the request does make a difference.

If the affiliate has a large list and can drive many sales, drop everything and give them a review copy so they can make a better pitch to their customers.

However, if the affiliate is brand new a review copy request is almost always a waste of time. The affiliate is more likely wanting your product for free.

Even if the affiliate does intend on promoting your product, the most likely result will be zero referrals.

In this situation you are better off requesting that they purchase your product so they can make a better promotion by stating they bought your product and then giving a recommendation why others should also buy it.

After all, it can be a bit offensive for someone to say I don't want to buy your product but I want to promote it.

Keep in mind 99 percent of affiliates without a prior track record will not send any sales.

Bottom Line

Give out review copies to get initial testimonials for your product. Who provides the review is usually not important.

For affiliates requesting a review copy give one out to your friends (of course) and those with a large list or who are likely to drive sales. For others you are better off requesting that they buy your product.

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