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How to Get the Most Paid Traffic

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Posted 23rd February 2015 at 12:27 PM by kindsvater

There are a few main sources for quickly getting paid traffic to your website.

First and foremost is Google. As a general rule no one can send as much traffic as Google. AdWords, though, can be competitive and complex and many lose money with this traffic - or their accounts by not following rules (some unwritten).

My PPC Millions WSO can be your guide to making money with Google.

Second is Bing. Like Adwords Bing serves PPC traffic for Microsoft and Yahoo. Bing is much more lenient about what ads you can run than Adwords, but it cannot serve as much traffic.

You can ignore all other PPC search sites.

Third is Facebook. Unlike Google and Bing where you bid on keywords you want traffic from, with Facebook you target demographics and interests.

This is an entirely different way to reach potential customers and meets a need where a keyword target is insufficient.

Fourth are media buys. This is a broad category. In it I would include banner ads on a forum such as the Warrior Forum, and similar placements.

For the most part, media buys are not going to be targeted by keywords. Some services attempt to target by location. Others may claim to target by demographics or interests, but there is really no way they can get this information - unlike Facebook.

There are a zillion places to get media ads, from major websites to small mom and pop sites. Google Adwords which is the other side of Adsense would also be considered in the media category.

If you are just starting out I suggest trying these four methods in the order listed. If you are an affiliate marketer then I would switch the first two and use Bing before Google, as Google can can affiliate accounts.

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