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Warrior Payments Cheaper Than Warrior Plus - Or Not?

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Posted 5th March 2015 at 05:59 PM by kindsvater

I have one dollar offers running on Warrior Payments and Warrior Plus.

From the $1 purchase PayPal takes 33 cents as its fee: 30 cents plus 2.9 percent. A heft chunk for a small purchase.

Warrior Payments charges 2% or 2 cents. That leaves a net profit per sale of 65 cents.

WarriorPlus charges 10 cents plus 3.9% or 14 cents. Big difference.

Additionally, the minimum affiliate commission in Warrior Plus is 5%, which the service takes for itself if someone orders through any link on the website. Thus, you post a new product, people get notice of the new listing and order and Warrior Plus takes an affiliate commission.

Normally, affiliate commissions run at least 50 percent for a product of this type, often a lot more for something cheap.

I set it for the minimum, though, for testing, so 5% equals another 4 cent payment to Warrior Plus. That leaves a net profit of 49 cents.

Initial Result:

A dollar product sold via Warrior Payments means a seller receives 65 cents / 65% of each sale.

A dollar product sold via Warrior Plus means a seller receives 53 cents max, and probably at most 49 cents if an affiliate program is active, and a minimum 5% commission is paid.

Warrior Payments the winner?

Not necessarily.

To run the WSO for Warrior Payments costs $20, so I need to sell 31 copies just to break even.

Warrior Plus is free, so with the first sale there is instant profit.


By running a WSO one can get stats about how much foot traffic the forum is getting for offers. It is fairly dismal.

Warrior Plus is pretty much not going to get any foot traffic for its "marketplace".

The end result is someone needs to see the offer from someplace else to make it worthwhile.

With the Warrior Forum you can mention your WSO in a signature which is visible when posting.

Otherwise, both services rely on affiliates.

A review of the Warrior Payments marketplace reflects no significant sales are being made by foot traffic. It is generally from emailed promotions by affiliates.

With Warrior Payments affiliate payments can be set at 50% or higher without the Warrior Forum also taking an affiliate commission for payments via its service. The forum has already been paid with the $20 fee.

With WarriorPlus good luck attracting affiliates at a 5% commission, or even a $1 offer. The problem is if you increase the commission for affiliates Warrior Plus automatically increases its own commission to match.

One big advantage Warrior Plus has is if you have previously sold products on the service, built a reputation, and people want to be notified when you have a new offer, they get the notice. That can drive a lot of sales and is similar to using Warrior Plus as a 'free" autoresponder service. Except it it not free because of the heft commission that is taken.

In my experience, testing over several products:

1. Warrior Plus can drive a lot more sales. Both from the service and since more affiliates use it.

2. Foot traffic for WSOs is minimal. Most traffic to the section comes from emailed offers.

3. WarriorPlus is instantly profitable and can generate much more in profits due to having more affiliates and better quality affiliates.

4. You need a strategy to profit from WSOs aside from just posting in the WSO section.

This means higher priced offers, backends, money from a created email list, etc.

These are tactics to be used with any system, but the Warrior Forum advertises people should sell WSOs to get in front of 700,000 members.

That number is wildly inflated as nowhere near that number are active on the forum. Just a very small percentage.

The WSO forum as a whole, including all offers and all subforums runs about 3000 people who are viewing. This is not 3000 all at once, but over many hours. Maybe over the last 24 hours - I am not sure what numbers Freelancer is using.

But you are not going to post a WSO and have 3000 people see it over the next day. You would be incredibly lucky to get 300 views, including bots.

Maybe a hundred or so views.

Bottom line: The "cheaper" service will not necessarily be the most profitable for you. Warrior Payments is definitely cheaper than Warrior Plus on a per transaction basis, but the initial $20 fee combined with fewer affiliates means Warrior Plus will often make you more money.

To combine the best of both worlds, you can use Warrior Plus to run a WSO. It will cost you $20 to to the Warrior Forum, and you have the higher Warrior Plus fees, but then you get whatever foot traffic the forum can muster plus you can take advantage of Warrior Plus' superior affiliates.

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