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Making a Strong Guarantee Customers Will Be Reluctant to Use

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Posted 20th July 2017 at 11:28 PM by kindsvater

Many businesses use guarantees to increase sales and keep customers coming back for repeat sales.

Guarantees come in two basic forms:

Positive and Negative

A Positive Guarantee promises someone they will love the product.

A Negative Guarantee offers a solution if someone hates the product.

Isn't that the same thing?


A positive guarantee may be structured such as: love the product or get a refund.

A negative guarantee is structured: if you hate the product you'll get a refund.

You will probably want to use a positive guarantee to reinforce the concept that you have a great product.

A positive guarantee also makes it easier to reduce the likelihood that someone will use it.

For example, consider the guarantee used by business intelligence firm Biztellect. There you will see a positive guarantee plus this:

"And in 30 days if you don't appreciate all of this just let us know. "

Here we have a combination where first a positive guarantee is used about the customer loving the service.

Then the kicker about a refund if they "don't appreciate" the service.

This is different than a "satisfaction guarantee" that is so common. Note the shift from "satisfaction guarantee" to "don't appreciate".

Big difference in emotions.

A satisfaction guarantee is vague and gives anyone any reason they want to ask for a refund.

By shifting the emotional terms to not "appreciating" a product there is a more specific reason that is emotionally needed to ask for a refund.

It isn't just a satisfaction, which is a given, but also not appreciating the work gone into a service.

The ultimate point being you can structure a strong guarantee and at the same time add language that will reduce refund claims.

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  1. New Comment
    Zoe_21's Avatar

    Def learnt something from reading

    Loved the many lightbulb moments I found in your blog entry

    Amazing how a play on words can make a difference to an outcome.

    Wasnt going to read at first as your title was a bit confusing but the opening sentence did its job.

    I must have a go at having 'positive' and 'negative' guarantees on my sales page. Wont be split testing though however thanks for the intro to the difference in guarantee wording!
    Posted 9th November 2017 at 11:48 AM by Zoe_21 Zoe_21 is offline

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