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How to Find High-Quality Blogs to Send You Traffic

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Posted 24th September 2015 at 08:07 AM by korakot

The object of guest blogging is to reach the broadest possible audience. So you don't want to post guest blogs on just any random blog. What you are looking for are the biggest, most popular and most influential blogs in your niche.

If you have been blogging for a while or are a regular reader of blogs, you may already have an idea of which blogs fall into this category. What you are looking for are blogs that are "household words" in your niche subject.

For example, in the field of US politics, Talking Points Memo is one of the most widely-read blogs in Washington, D.C. So if you are seeking to target politics junkies, publishing a guest post on that blog would put your in front of an enormous audience.

If your niche is fashion, getting a guest blog on The Sartorialist would be highly desirable. In film criticism, convincing a noted film critic to let you submit a guest blog on his web page would be a major victory.

Tapping into the Blogging Community

Regardless of which niches you choose, in all likelihood there already is a thriving blogging community. Given the immense popularity of blogging, there are already established, veteran bloggers writing about nearly every subject imaginable.

Interacting with members of your niche's blogging community has a number of benefits. First, nobody knows better which blogs in your niche are the most influential than the rabid fans of your niche. Ask them. Leave comments on their blog pages or look at their About page to find their email address and send them a personal message.

Another benefit of interacting with other bloggers-- and readers of blogs-- within you niche is building your reputation, especially if you have expertise you can bring to the blogging community.

While there are millions of blogs worldwide, within your niche subject matter is probably is a very small world after all. When you nurture relationships with key people within your blogging community, you can call on them for referrals and recommendations, ask them to provide testimonials for you, and encourage them to promote your reputation to other influential bloggers.

Using Search Engines

In the Internet Age, the critical information you need is always just a mouse click away. Run a Google search for "Most influential Your blog niche blogs" or "Most popular Your blog niche blogs" and you are bound to get hundreds of leads you can pursue.

You also can search for "search operators", which are terms that are used to narrow or broaden a search. These include such words as "and", "or" or "not". For example, when searching for guest blogging opportunities within your niche keyword, your search could include:

Keyword + "Submit a guest post".
Keyword + "write for us".
Keyword + "Become a guest writer".
Keyword "guest blogger".
Keyword "guest post".
Keyword "guest article".
Keyword "guest column".
Keyword "become a contributor".
Keyword "contribute to this site".
Keyword "write for us".
Keyword "write for me".
Keyword inure: guest.
Another option is to use a link prospecting tool such as BuzzStream. This is a website that makes it easy to find other bloggers within your niche, build relationships with them, and keep track of your interactions with them.

Within Buzzstream, you can set up prospecting profiles you can use to organize your blog contacts any way you like, such as by topic, home country or keyword. The site also will provide you with URLs you can follow to check out the blogs further.

Best Places to Find High Value Blogs.

Another option is to go blogs within your niche that you enjoy or find useful and see if they list a "blogroll" in the margin. Many bloggers include a list of other blogs that they like on their own blog so that their fans can link to them.

If you know a blog is authoritative, has a lot of regular readers and frequently gets a lot of social approval signals, it's a good bet that the blogs they recommend have a similar status.

Another great way to find high value blogs is Technorati. This is a blog directory that keeps track of the biggest blogs in nearly every niche. It categorizes blogs by niche, topic and keywords and includes a simple search tool that makes it easy to quickly identify the biggest and most influential blogs within your niche.

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