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Just 4 Sales Per Day

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Posted 10th March 2016 at 05:25 PM by koz

The life of an entrepreneur or business person is not always stable and free sailing. It can be hectic with valleys, hills, twists and turns, and mountains and sometimes even a pit!

Looking at my journey online, I have witnessed first hand that educational leap that is required to move forward online. I have seen that inertia from pennies to being able to earn online as well.

In these ups and downs I have found myself low recently financially after a move and so looked out in the TAM Labs to find something that the world needs and we could release for 2016. I found our Bliss++ Timer software which all of the team has been using daily at TAM.

It was time for gestation!

We prepared and released the software through Warrior+ our affiliate marketing program partners.

Today I was speaking with my dad today about my progress online and seeing myself at the start in the online world in 2006, how I started below poverty levels literally at a homeless position and built up and kind of found myself in same position due to a move, yet still with the aim of making the Try A Million company to become a £100M a year company and he explained all about it and he said "if your affiliates each bring in 4 sales each day, they would each be on middle class incomes".

"if your affiliates each bring in 4 sales each day, they would each be on middle class incomes"

That is £25,000 per year or more accurately $94 per day, $2,820 per month and $34,310 per year.

It is exactly what Zig Ziglar said: "You can get everything you want in life, if you just help enough other people get what they want."

Ever since I started online; as a Life Coach, my aim is to be able to speak to everyone high and low financially/successfully and help solve the problems and find the solutions.

Just 4 sales per day and not only is each affiliate living a reasonably good life and in some countries a fantastic life.

I can live with that. It's enough to make me happy, knowing not only are we growing and people are using a software that makes them get more results out of the same time, but that 1,000's of people are out there living a good life because of Bliss++ software as affiliates.

A homeless guy out there could go into an Internet cafe or the library and start making that. Just 4 sales per day and they have gone from bottom, bottom class financially to being able to start helping others.

Just 4 sales per day can change someones life. It means our company is doing good, it is helping people with a great solution, and helping people to earn a middle class income.

Bliss++ Timer WSO Edition has a $47 price tag, and a payout of 50% commissions or $23.50 at the $47 price tag. 4 sales per day can earn you about $34,310 per year. If you know how to promote online, get your link and start promoting today!

Note, Bliss++ Timer WSO edition begins at an early bird price and affiliate commissions may be at a lower percentage for first few sales to gauge affiliate performance and quality and percentage of conversions. Commissions are paid out instantly through PayPal. Affiliates must promote the WSO Edition and bring valid sales to earn commissions.

Bliss++ Timer WSO Edition
Bliss++ Timer Software Affiliate Program

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