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Step 3: Preparing A Product That MEANS Profits & WIN WIN WIN Across The Board...

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Posted 27th March 2009 at 05:37 AM by Kunle Olomofe

The "Product" you're going to be creating is something I've tagged simply as INFOCDs.

So what are INFOCDs (according to Kunle Olomofe)? Well, simple really...

INFOCD Definition: An INFOCD is a CD you put together over a period of time that contains extremely valuable information (that is usually freely available online or offline) that you can then sell or give away to multiple interested prospects.

That's pretty much the way I see it

Now the fun starts when you begin to picture the real power behind that simple definition!

First, let me ask you a question...

Can you think of ANY profession in the world with serious professionals that will thrive on BRAIN DEAD EASY access to accurate information?

Think carefully before you answer because that thought is about to kick you in the stomach with a truly profitable future business concept!

Are you done thinking? OK... so, did you come up with any professions?

You probably have 3 or 4 already in mind.

If you don't let me help you with a useful outline...

We'll use an example of a serious profession with serious individuals who need BRAIN DEAD EASY access to accurate information in order to thrive...

Let's take one I'm currently working on...

The Forex Trading Profession (bet you thought of that one too, didn't ya? ), good for you...

'Cos it really is a goldmine waiting for you to cash in!

Wikipedia describes forex trading as "typically involving one party purchasing a quantity of one currency in exchange for paying a quantity of another"

Now, in the forex trade like many others, you have what you call "utter newbies to the scene", and many of them are pretty clueless and easily get lost in the maze called the forex market--I know because I'm one of them--and not ashamed to say it -- ;-)

And so, that's where someone like you comes in...

This is all you need to do to make a ton of money from this group of clueless folks...

1. First find out IF and WHERE they exist in your local area.

2. Approach a few of them and ask a simple question... "Do you still need accurate help finding your way around forex trading?"

3. If the answer is yes, then make an offer like this... "I'm putting together a CD (or set of CDs) right now that will contain dozens of very valuable articles, reports, videos and audios as well as links to even more useful information all available online right now that will make your learning process even easier and get you started just as quickly or more quickly than attending expensive seminars, or hiring personal trainers, or even enrolling in full time courses!

"If I made this CD (or CDs) available to you later for $_______ would you be interested in a copy (or copies)?"

4. If the answer is yes, take down their full name, direct contact phone number and primary (regularly accessed) email address and...

1. Give them a free gift on the spot just for saying Yes or

2. Promise to get in touch with them as soon as the CD(s) is/are ready.

When you have about 5 or so positive responses (you can search out more that's up to you), it's time to get really busy...

You want to jump online right away and start an in depth search for any and all information that your target audience will find not only useful but life changing and that is available 100% free online.

What you're selling here is NOT the information, but EASY ONE CLICK ACCESS to the sites that readily offer this information to your market.

You see, a ton of the knowledge most professionals will ever need can be accessed right online. The problem is FINDING the best sites that offer this content and that often do it for little or no upfront cost to the prospect.

Even with the advent of Yahoo and Google and a ton of other search engines, finding the best content available (or as close to it as you can get) is still a heavy often boring and time consuming job.

Since they don't want to do it (or can't for any reason), but would be very willing to pay someone else to do it, and since you are looking for a profitable new product/service to sell...

Guess what? It's...

1. WIN (You save your market a trillion heart beats wasted trying to find useful content and profit in one way or the other from doing so).

2. WIN (The folks who put this info out there in the first place now get a steady stream of visitors on a regular basis (for FREE!))


3. WIN (You get paid good money by your market to be the much needed middle man).

.... At this point I hope you're not looking for a different business model to the one described above.... because frankly WHY would you need one?

So this sinks in 100%, let me restate why this is such a beautiful business to set up...

1. There's a market with money ready to pay for a service or product to be rendered or delivered.

2. There's a group of people ready to create a product that meets that demand and give it away 100% FREE for other gains.

3. Both of the above would benefit from and even WELCOME a middle man to bring them together so they both win... and that middle man gets paid pretty well for the service rendered.

And oh, I know some smart alecs will have thought of this way before reading this far, but I'll state it anyway for others who need to know...

You can have this set up so sweetly that you never even see one prospect, talk to any buyers, search for any information or even touch one CD, how?

If you said "Outsource it all!", you're spot on!

We'll discuss the latter and other stuff mentioned in here in more detail later.

For now, you can start Preparing A Product That MEANS Profits & WIN WIN WIN Across The Board... right now, simply go out (or send someone out) to find out IF there's a ready market for YOUR OWN INFOCDs!

Good luck!


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