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Discover The One Quote That Brought My 1st Book To Life!

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Posted 11th December 2009 at 03:19 PM by Kunle Olomofe

For a long time, I’d believed that working for others online (selling affiliate programs) was the only way to go. The only way to my financial freedom. I learned the hard way that I was wrong… I’d left offline marketing to fulfill a dream.

Offline it’s often said “Working a job is just not the way to get rich or attain financial freedom” that has been proven to be an absolute truth told.

So you might ask then… “How about online marketing? What makes working for other people offlinedifferent from working for other people online? “

To me the two are very much the same. As you’ll see I aim to dispel so many of the lies you’re being told daily about marketing on the internet.

If you’ll remember clearly, the first day you actually got online, you probably saw a headline similar to this “Make $100,000 a year from your desktop!” or ” $4,000 dollars per month, Real PC Work! All you need is a email account and your PC!!!” and the rest of those HYPED up headlines.

Then a couple of weeks later, they tell you “You can’t sell from your web site unless you have built a strong foundation online and have customers with glowing testimonials to prove that you’re real and can deliver what’s been promised.”

That last statement is actually both true and false simultaneously.

Here’s Your Solution To ZERO Testimonials & Endorsements…

The solution to that pressing problem of NO testimonials and no glowing records from the 70’s (for me) was to keep working affiliate programs with all the life in me, until some day when I would be able to build my business with a strong reputation as a trustworthy marketer. Boy was I ever WRONG.

Now those two headlines about making $100,000 or $4,000 from your desktop doing little work and similar ones are Hype , I know, but is it also true that some people make that much money at all online?

The answer is Yes, some people actually do. And some never do and never will and all they actually will continue to do is buy those programs and packages promising them “the whole world” but which deliver absolutely nothing.

You should note that I’m not promising that after you read my free or premium content you will immediately start making millions as a result.

I can’t do that since I don’t know what your capabilities are and your personal situation at the present moment is.


I know that if you’ve never been confident enough about creating your own ebooks for sale, then the information I will share with you will show you how and why you must start to turn out your own products and services and stop using all the creativity you possess only to make affiliate program owners millionaires, while you work & slave to earn a couple fast checks that though will bring quick achievement, will probably not make you financially free.

Working only affiliate programs is good only for those who lack the creativity, the courage and the push needed to build their own products and services, so they have to rely on the ready made products of others and make their money that way.


If you’re someone who’s looking to show people exactly what you can do for them, then you should create your own products and services.

I knew this truth, but could just never get started. I was scared stiff that when I do create a product or start a service I would be laughed right back to the drawing board (because I didn’t already possess glowing awards or HOT testimonials from past customers)


It occurred to me a bit late. But it did occur to me that you can’t ever boast of having helped 100’s of small businesses or get real life testimonials from people (in any other niche), if you never own your own products and services and if you never create your own information products that sell your expertise, creativity, experience or the results of intensive studies and researches you may have carried out prior to writing your information product(s).

If you never build up the guts to put aside (for at least weeks) those weak commissions from so many of the affiliate programs out there on the net, and build your own first sellable product, you probably will never get those glowing records or great testimonials that can make you a rich person.

So, coming back to my experiences, I’ll reveal some things to you now, that should move you to act sooner than you can blink! I wish I had had someone to tell me all this a long time ago…


Back in 1999, I put aside a brand new marketing system I had worked on for well over 6 weeks that I was planning to use to promote someone else’s products. I immediately started on building my own business, my own sellable products and services and eventually start my own affiliate programs that people would promote to make me rich!


Where better to start from than product # 1?

Even as I wrote my first book, I got so many discouraging remarks from people, so many people believed being open and telling you, the reader that book was a first for me was wrong and I should have lied about that, or at best, hidden that simple but vital truth.

But I declined, I still went ahead with it. Hiding the truth about me would have only put me right back to where I was 6 weeks before starting to write that book. It would have made sure that I stayed a nobody working affiliate programs with 1,000’s of other no faced marketers that didn’t have the balls to do what I did. And if I could do that, heck! what on earth are you waiting for?

Despite all the discouraging and lukewarm remarks I received, I still chose to start from there. And one more truth I’ll quickly reveal to you at this point is this - If you can write information in the form of free ebooks and free articles, and give this information out for free to promote affiliate programs, then you can write information products to make yourself more money faster and with a firmer, stronger foundation for yourself and future enterprise online!


Now, I’ll tell you another truth that Internet marketers and many gurus fail to tell you - And that truth isthis - It’s not easy. ( Nothing good in life ever is, though I wish there was at least one thing.. ) Internet Marketing can be a lot of hard work. Especially when you’re starting out. It takes work. Every single millionaire and successful business owner on the face of this earth worth his “weight in gold” will affirm to this and also tell you that they never got there in one night.

But they will also tell you 2 things ( if you ask them )…

1. They never got there working for someone else and…

2. They got there starting from their FIRST steps.

Even if you’re not sure of yourself, I want you to try, Just Try it, Start doing something, anything, it doesn’t matter what it is. It’s after you start that you’ll see those mistakes which you can then correct and move on to bigger and better things. But if you never start because you’re inexperienced, you’re scared, you don’t believe people will ever buy your products, or you know people will just laugh you back into selling only affiliate programs and competing with 1,000’s of other such marketers, or you just don’t know for sure how and where to start and what to do in step by step easy methods to complete your first and subsequent products, my information on writing ebooks for sale will show you the way for free!


The one thing I do promise you is this - By the time you finish reading all of the information I will share with you about writing your own ebooks for sale, you will be able to look at the Internet through different, clearer eyes and see all the profits you’ve been missing making someone else rich by sticking solely to free affiliate programs and working them with all the life, energy and creativity in you.


If you have the creativity, the energy and the will to succeed but lack the courage to go on, I’ll show you the same paths I took to success in creating my own first and subsequent info products and exactly how I did it. No holds barred, I’ll spill all my guts out flat in front of you and hold nothing back. That’s the truth of it.

That’s the one quote that brought this book to life, every successful person started first by believing in him/herself (even if people around them didn’t give encouragement or approve of their methods or what they were actually doing) making the move and becoming successful was just Step 2.

Make it happen for you. Take Step 1 - Believe sincerely that you can do it, that you can build your own business around your own products or services that the public needs, wants & will pay money for.

Start it by reading every report available to you from my free series titled “How To Write Ebooks And Make Money!” Then when you’re done, immediately pick up that favorite pen or pencil or open up your favorite wordprocessor and just write…It’s as simple as that. Success Can Be Yours. Make it happen for you!

“You can succeed if others do not believe in you. But you cannot succeed if you do not believe in yourself.” - Dr. Sidney Newton Bremer Of Successful Achievement

Nothing could be truer. Keep that quote in mind, because acting based on it will take you to the top and help you stay there permanently.

Best wishes!

Kunle Olomofe
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