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Posted 26th September 2008 at 01:44 PM by lakshaybehl

Gotta do this...

I have just decided that within the forum blog iteself, i am going to give away all the "secrets" that make my IM business VEry rewarding. Both fininacially and emotionally.

And one of the best things that have heppened to me is that I have just learned how to cut down my expenditure on freelancers, hired professionals etc by atleast 60%... AndI know that is huge.

First things first.

If you are to make REAL money online, then forget the "I will do it" attitude. In stead, think about what is it that ONLY you can do the BEST.

ONLY do what ONLY YOU CAN do.

Clear? No? Then read that again for heaven's sake.

You are ont here to make 5K or 10K a month. OK... Confession time... I am making just slightly over 10K for the last two months, but I am sure I will cross the 20K mark by nov r Dec.

and the only secret behind that is that I am going to outsource almost everything my business runs on.

But here's a list of things that MUSt be outsorced unless you are a specialist in one of them...

1. Graphic design
2. Niche Research and Market Demand and supply analysis
3. Keyword research
4. Expert hiring (hiring experts in the niche you selected)
5. Product reserach and creation
6. Copywriting
7. Technical Script Management
8. Funnel Development
9. Email Capturing and Marketing (autoresponders)
10. Website Design
11. Article writing
12. Blog Development and Posting Content to the Blog
13. PPC Campaigns
14. media buys
15. Copy and Creative testing
16. Conversion improvement

And in short this is a list of what I have outsourced or plan to outsource in a few months from now...

There must be a specialist for everything who charges exhorbitantly because they have marketed their expertise well enough.

But then there MUST be a person who is equally well or even better acquainted with the task considered and is charging a lot less because they have not established themselves in the market and are striving to work for nickels and buttons. Of course I recommend you pay them better than what others do... ONLY once you know they have a great quality production.

Now you might be ondering about what are you supposed to do if you outsource all of this, and I say you still have three steps to complete...

1. Ideate and Debate
2. Supervice and Mastermind
3. Collect the checks and then spend them

Remember we just have one back bone... And you are ing to be the person who puts everything together to tie them up into a beautiful bouquet of Internet Marketing. It is upon you that the whole thing is based.

But seriously... When there are others willing to do it for you and make you some good steady income for just passing around orders, why would you WANT to work?

Now if you consider yourself a specialist in any of the tasks, feel free to better yourself by doing that yourself and reaching the stage of ultimate perfection which is unmatched.

So if you think you know how to make money online... then it is time to recosider. We have seen a lot of millionaires being made online... but now is the time for BILLIONAIRES... And guess what the first online Billionaire will not sell IM products. Seriously. I mean there are thousands of problems we face everyday. So there are potentially as many niches. And I am sure the niches we know are just the tip of the iceberg.

Do NOT be an expert at any of your niches... or even content creation.

Just be an expert at being a publisher who puts everything together.

Serious Stuff!
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    lakshaybehl's Avatar
    efos_98, You posted a link to Warrior forum?
    Posted 26th September 2008 at 09:14 PM by lakshaybehl lakshaybehl is offline
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    lakshaybehl's Avatar

    I have actually not read that book... I know its a great read and will be reading it sometime soon. But this idea comes from observation.

    What does a tiny guy say?
    "I will learn it all, do it all"

    What does a big guy say?
    "I will find an expert who specializes in just this one thing"

    What does an expert say?
    "I will work ONLY for the big guy for a BIG sum of money"

    What does the big guy think?
    "Yeah... I mean he is doing all the hard work and I will pay him GENEROUSLY as long as he is taking good care of it and sending me profit checks regularly"
    Posted 27th September 2008 at 12:05 PM by lakshaybehl lakshaybehl is offline

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