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Billion Dollar LIFE CONDUCT... Part 1/3

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Posted 26th September 2008 at 09:40 PM by lakshaybehl

Today this person is reading a VerY intersting novel and is deeply drowned into the depths of the story. This person is relating themselves to the hero/heroine of the story and they are just about to find out something very curiously dangerous that is gonna happe to the main protagonist whom they are relating to themselves.


ring ring... ring ring... (replace that with your fave ringtone)

"Hello. (no response) Hello! (no response) Hello? (no response) HELLO### (no response) SPEAK UP. (no response) OK I HANG UP"

==> Notice the change in attitude. And the change in style, pitch and volume of speaking

Back to the novel==> "{In the dim moonlight under the umbrella formed by the forest trees...}" But then again...

ring ring... ring ring...

"HELLO! (no response) I got other things to do dammit (no response) SPEAK UP OR I HANG UP" (Notice how the first "hello" itself is annoyed)

==> the Anger BLAST! are you ready?

ring ring... ring...

"HELLO###### WTF do you want? Speak up MF or hang up!"

.....>>>>> Line disconnected.

How often does this happen? I do not know about you, but this happened to me a lot of times...

__________________________________________________ ________

Please Excuse my profanity a little and focus on what I am trying to say here.

You see this person is getting a FREE INCOMING call. Boy! Aren't they annoyed? Sure they are. Like HELL.

Its OK. I do not blame them. It's just human nature to be angry and frustrated when we experience a useless wastage of time and whats worse is we can not do anything about it. Any person who calls themselves "Normal" would behave in somewhat similar fashion. And again, you might see the point in there. this person was having to waste time with a stupid who was not willing to talk to them, and at the same point of time they could not do anything to stop the caller from pointlessly disturbing them.

But what happens when this person finds out that on the other end it was their father whose cell had stopped functioning propersly and the father could hear him while he could not hear his father's voice?

Or thier own brother/sister was in immense trouble and could not speak up loudly and was trying to convey a message in a very hushed voice which could only be heard when the attention was fully diverted to the phone call 100%?

Whose fault is it when something goes wrong because the phone rang while this person was reading the climax of a novel and could not take their eyes off the pages and tries to attend the phone call at the same point of time?

Who is resonsible for the mishap that took place but could have been avoided if this person would have put down the novel for a minute and paid their full attention to the phone call?

__________________________________________________ ___________

I know ... I know what you are thinking. You are thinking what has it got to do with Internet Marketing right?

But I say there is a very important lesson to be taken from here... Both with regards to your conduct in life and your business.

Now I will post both the lessons in the next two parts. But before I do that, I would like if you posted an answer to the questions I have asked before the closing of the last section.

so PLEASE ANSWER THE QUESTIONS. This is serious business.
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  1. New Comment
    Star Riley's Avatar
    This actually happened to me except I was watching TV and received a call from my son whose phone was not working at the time I got upset thinking it was pranksters felt real bad after the fact.

    I feel even when you are trying to sell yourself its best to focus on the person who is talking to you this is good business practice.
    Posted 27th September 2008 at 03:36 AM by Star Riley Star Riley is offline
  2. New Comment
    lakshaybehl's Avatar
    Yes Mr. Riley... (I guess we are all too used to see Kevin as the only Riley so its good to see you too )

    But my question is... Whose fault is it when something like that happens... (Of course I know telecom service provider is the culprit but lets just orget them and think about the two people in question)....

    Posted 27th September 2008 at 12:19 PM by lakshaybehl lakshaybehl is offline

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