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I.M. Made Easier

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Posted 27th February 2012 at 12:22 PM by Larkrise

ah ha! Yes indeed, internet marketing made easier!

That's what I'm all about, making anything in IM easier.


Because its not easy. None of it! Everything requires time and a fair investment of money but time, omg! The time it can take to get going and really make a good business for your future, is the biggest consideration of all Internet Marketers.

So from a long time back, my mind has been racing with ideas to help speed things up whilst sticking to the right seo rules for building out lots of sites and getting ranked. I started out wanting to build affiliate sites and ended up really focused on offline clients. Now I'm back to focusing on the affiliate marketing but what I learned in getting client sites ranked has been an awesome lesson and I take what I've learned from Google's algo's and am applying this to every site I build or work on.

My new website www.IMMadeEasier.com aims to bring tips, tricks and techniques using existing or new plugins, software and methods that can enable you to build your business more easily, more quickly and still do it right!

Whether your in offline or affiliate marketing, these tips will help you. My first WSO is a very low priced About page template that enables you to quickly and efficiently add a bunch of important keywords and related keywords to you site right at the start!

Lets face it google looks at the words on your pages and ties those together for relevance. There are of course tonnes of other seo considerations but using the About page which I believe is a fairly important addition to any new site, is a simple way to get started and begin indexing your sites keywords.

Check out my threads to find my wso or go direct to the site and you should (if I've finished the build) find the links you need to get access to the products.

All the best to you!
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